Whether you are planning on heading to your local retail store to buy one or using a set of plans to make one, a doll crib can be an item that will put a humongous smile on your child’s face! However, there are many plans to follow and models to consider when you are thinking about one of these products. In your eyes, this kind of crib may simply be a place for your child to put their doll at night; however, in your child’s eyes, this crib may be the place in which their doll gets its much needed rest after a hard and long day out in the city. This article is not geared toward promoting specific products or doll crib plans, but rather, it is intended to open your eyes to the best options and aspects of these doll resting spots!

Be Sure To Follow The Doll Crib Plans To A T If You Plan On Making One Yourself

People have a tendency to stray away from the plans that they have in front of them when they cannot follow a specific step or do not have the required hardware/tools to complete them. People will end up altering or modifying the steps to their own liking in lieu of not being able to follow them accurately. Although you may simply think of the crib as a toy’s  accessory, it may be one of the most important things in your infant’s life because it will be keeping their prized possession (their doll) safe and comfortable at night. The last thing that you want is for the crib to malfunction and break when the doll is inside of it; moreover, this may have some traumatizing effects on your child’s memory and thoughts. You should be sure to follow the doll crib plans that you have as accurately as possible to avoid this occurrence, and ultimately ensure that the crib stays in one piece and keeps the doll safe!

Also Be Sure To Double Enforce The Structure, Even If The Doll Crib Plans Do Not Call For It

The one and only time that I would recommend straying away from specific plans that were given to you is if you are going to reinforce the structure with additional brackets or bolts. This would be the best way to ensure that the structure is as sturdy as possible, and that it will not collapse on the baby. I would highly recommend reinforcing the structure, regardless of whether or not the doll crib plans call for it. Realistically, it will only take a few extra dollars and minutes to reinforce the entire structure; however, it will make a substantial difference in the degree of sturdiness of the crib for the doll!

Badger Toys Offers A Model With A Phenomenal Doll Crib Pattern-Available On Amazon For Just Over $50

In addition to structure and durability, you are going to want to be sure that your infant’s crib has great visual appeal to it. Many manufacturers achieve this great visual appeal through the use of phenomenal colors, and great patterns. Badger Toys has an absolutely amazing model with a phenomenal doll crib pattern that features many pink and red hues. One would automatically assume that something that is structurally sound and looks amazing would cost well over $100; however, this specific model is available on Amazon for a mere $50!

Almost Every Model Will Come With A Doll Crib Bedding; However, Additional Bedding Sets Are Rather Inexpensive

I have never seen a toy crib that did not come with a bedding set; however, this should not be a reason to avoid the purchase of additional sets. The most amazing thing about purchasing an additional doll crib bedding is that they are rather inexpensive, and can be purchased for about $20! For a mere $20 bill, you might as well purchase some additional bedding sets to change it up every once in a while. I would get a few different bedding sets, and rotate them every few weeks; this will ensure that your child is continually stimulated by the new pattern and colors.

You Will Rarely Find Doll Cribs That Are Wooden-The Ones That Are Wooden Are More Expensive But More Durable

Although wood may be much sturdier than plastic, it is also much more expensive to acquire. There are a few parents that like to spend an arm and a leg on toys for their infants; however, the majority of parents will merely view a doll crib that is wooden as an unnecessary expense, and choose a plastic model in order to save some money. It is not that wooden toy cribs are never found, but they are quite hard to find. I would avoid the purchase of one because they generally cost twice as much as the plastic equivalents!