The 80's is a decade known for outrageousness. Big hair, big shoulders and bright make-up are what people think when they remember the 80's. For 80's babies, an element of innocence is missed. Clothing and entertainment staples of the 80's made a lasting impression. Here are some 80's items guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Remember jellybean shoes? These plastic confections were cheap to produce. Pricing them at even $5 per pair netted their creator a huge profit. The street name for jellybean shoes were "jellies." They came in every color known to woman and take your wardrobe from casual to classy. If your toe busted out of the side from a vigorous play date, pull on another pair and be about your business. Jellies were slippery with sweaty feet due to the pleasant combination of skin and plastic. Remember when Guess attempted to bring back the jellybean shoe at a reasonable $50 a pair? In the 80's you found them in supermarket bins next to the fish sticks.

Another 80's summertime shoe was the Dr. Scholl sandal. This consisted of a wooden block with a leather strap across it that held the wood on your sole. Created for orthopedic health, you wanted the sandal to make thunderous noise everywhere you walk. By summer's end, you fell numerous times and almost broke bones attempting to do anything past standing upright in the sandals. You don't see many children in Dr. Scholl's today. Might be that whole safety issue.

Before getting dressed on Saturday mornings in the 80's, there was a routine that involved Saturday morning cartoons. Every child grabbed cereal and propped themselves in front of the television to watch Japanese produced cartoons poorly dubbed into English. This was not anime people. This was the original G.I. Joe cartoon, Pole Position and Beverly Hills Teens. Before animation was this state of the art science, every cartoon character had the same body with different hair and eyes. Saturday morning cartoon jingles and the commercials following still rattle in the heads of many adults to this day.

Another Saturday 80's staple that left it's mark was Kung-Fu theater. This little gem broadcast movies from Japan, Korea and China that were so horrible they were fascinating. Children sat spellbound watching characters speak horrible dialogue dubbed into horrible English. The true allure of Kung-Fu theater was imitating stunts no human being could pull off. Many children spent the remainder of their weekend in the hospital emergency room thanks to Kung-Fu theater.

These are a few memorable 80's items to think about when you are on the couch and flipping through your 2000 channels for the 100th time. Good times.