The Amish are a fascinating people. We always look at the Amish way of life and envy it in many ways. It seems that we are fascinated with the Amish Culture because they lead a life that is so simple compared to ours. We also admired their hard work and many other aspects of the Amish Culture. Here are some of the top reasons that we admire the Amish.

Low Divorce rate

The Amish divorce rate is practically zero. Yes Amish do get divorced periodically but it is extremely rare. When they do get divorced they are usually shunned by their community and are forced to leave. Divorce is so acceptable in our society that if is pretty cool when a religion and lifestyle such as the Amish lead can have such a low divorce rate.

Simple Life

We often get so stressed out at our lives that a simpler Amish style lifestyle can help make us daydream about running away and speaking Pennsylvania Dutch to our wife who is wearing a bonnet. The simply life the Amish lead is pretty amazing. Yeah they still have stress, I mean wouldn’t you be under stress if you were a farmer and was not allowed to use gas engines or have rubber on your tractor tires? Even though the Amish have stress it is nothing compared to our modern urban lifestyle. The Amish also never have to wait around all day for the cable TV installer to show up.

Hard Working

Our society seems like a very lazy society. One of the greatest things about being Amish is every one of them are born as hardworking individuals. OK, that is no entirely true because I am sure there are some lazy Amish people, but as  whole the Amish are very hardworking people and not afraid to pick up a shovel or a …pitchfork.

Great Crafters

The men and women are all great crafters. The Amish make those really cool heater covers advertised in the USA Today newspaper…OK, those are not really cool and it is just a marketing gimmick but the Amish men do make a lot of truly cool things. The Amish have buggy builders and the Amish men have a reputation of making some of the finest woodworkers in the United States. The Women make and sew all of the clothing they wear. I would love me an Amish coat and some suspenders to hold my britches up.

Respectful Kids

How often do you see Amish kids get upset and backtalk their parents? Yep, we never see it. I am sure it may happen periodically but it is extremely rare when Amish children backtalk their parents and disobey them. Amish kids do no throw temper tantrums near as often as Children of other cultures. Hmmm…maybe we could implement some of the fine Amish traditions into our culture.

It is also nice to see Amish Children sitting around the dinner table and not be talking about who said what to who on Facebook and then who Tweeted about it because they got banned from Tumblr.

Cool Hats and Beards

The Amish men wear some of the coolest noggin toppers anywhere. The hats also look really cool with their beards. In most Amish communities the only clean shaven men are the ones that are unmarried. It has got to make it hard for women who marry an Amish boy because they find them attractive and then the boy grows a beard and the woman is revolted by his new look.


The Amish may best be known for the horse drawn buggies. Each Amish community is different as to what they allow and do not allow with their buggies. Some Amish communities allow glass and rubber tires while other Amish communities do not allow glass windows and do not allow rubber to be used on the tires. Yep, some of the Amish communities have a no rubber policy.


We love seeing the Amish in movies. We know that the Amish in the movies are not real Amish, but we believe they are portrayed accurately. There were errors and omissions in the Movie Witness with Harrison Ford but that remains one of the greatest Amish movies ever unless you like Kingpin. There is nothing like a comedy movie about a dumb Amish guy who loves to bowl!

Farm Life

We love to imagine ourselves living on a farm like the Amish do. A lot of Amish do not live and work on farms but we will let our stereotypes continue to work their magic in our minds and convince us otherwise. It is truly amazing though how beautiful a lot of their farms seem to be.

Peaceful People

Most Amish are very peaceful people. There are the occasional Amish Crimes such as in the 90’s when the Amish guys got in trouble for buying drugs from the Hells Angels. Oh yeah, there is also the beard cutting crimes where certain Amishmen with anger problems take scissors and cut off the beard off Amishmen they do not like. Oh yeah that was a big deal and I am sure the judge was happy to be hearing those cases. Although all segments of society have their criminals and evil-doers for the most part the Amish are much more peaceful and safe to be around. If you lived next door to an Amish family you would not have to worry about them vandalizing your property or stealing from you. You would have to worry about your son hanging out with their daughter but hey, we got to worry about that in all societies.

The Amish have a lot of great principles and traditions that they stick with. Although we will never become full-blooded Amishmen we can integrate some of their great traditions and practices into our own life. The number one thing we can learn from the Amish is that Family and handwork should always be out priorities in life. Oh yeah, we can also learn that we can get by in life without Facebook!