Amusing Things for Childish Thoughts

Things used to appear quite bigger than us when we were smaller. It also was the time when our minds were yet so fragile and thought about things the fancier way around. Despite our innocence and curiosity, life seemed less intricate and easy to live by. It’s kind of amusing once in a while to think about the childish thoughts we used to have back then.

Listed are some of those things we used to think about. Try checking it; you might still have one these childhood thoughts up until now.

  • Villains are unappealing: We always bet for the good guys to win and enjoy watching our childhood heroes as they knock their enemies to sleep. But as we try to look for these villains now that we are older, some of them actually look tougher and more stunning compared to the lead character. Perhaps our tastes might have changed now that we are older, but it’s such a mystery why they always have to lose even though they have the most number of forces.  
  • Entertainment Wrestling is the “real deal”: It’s sometimes fun to watch these gigantic men and women tossing stuff (or sometimes people) in the air and on the ground. Never had it occurred to us that there’s not a person that loves being thrown, bashed, smashed by a chair in national television without being paid.
  • Turtles live in the sewers: Because there was this one huge rat that tried to adopt mutant turtles and somehow they manage to multiply and this is where turtles came from, the sewers.
  • Super heroes really look great with their undies outside their pants: Funny why we didn’t bother to think why they wear their tight costumes first before wearing an underwear.
  • Cats have 9 lives: Among all the times to die, why does it have to be nine?
  • Nap over Play time: If only we can spend an entire day chasing around with friends, playing; we would actually do that. Well it seems that our parents won’t allow that and insist we should have our nap time instead. Now that we’re older, it’s now hard to sneak our way for a nap since we often have our hands full doing adult stuff.
  • There’s nothing wrong about Ninjas in white kimono: Wearing bright colored costumes was not a hindrance nor could compromise a ninja’s stealth mission.   
  • All Asians know Kung Fu: An early manifestation of stereotyping at a very tender age. We can’t blame ourselves though because most good quality martial arts movie are usually played by Asian actors.
  • Didn’t realize that Mario (Mario Bros) is actually a plumber: He was just this guy that wears a red jumpsuit and always crash in to the wrong castle searching for that princess.
  • Pandas are huggable creatures: Because we never thought that even a cute and cuddly animal actually has a territorial behavior.
  • Dogs only howl when they see ghosts: We still haven’t heard about the word “horny” by that time or could have actually pictured it as a literal pair of dog’s horns which doesn’t really make any sense.