So if you've ever been in contact with a woman, you would realise that overtime you start to pick up on things. Like when you ask what's wrong and they reply nothing, but do it in a way where you know somethings is wrong. This video is a explaining the top 3 things that women say that could get you in to trouble and you don't even know it. If you can't watch the video I'll explain the 3 things now.

1) When they ask you about another girl...Watch out for this one. Its a lose lose situation. In my experience if you say they are not attractive or good at what they do you will be accused of lying to avoid the answer. If you say yes they are you are accused of liking other women. Please take note of that one haha. Now this isn't about all women. This is ONLY some women! So please don't hate. Whether it's a celebrity, a friend or a stranger it will always end bad

2) When they say something is up to you. For example going out to dinner!. You can suggest place after place, but they will not agree until they get what they want. Friendly reminder, it's all about them. So you can do 2 things, you can give up and smile and say NO BABE its up too you i love everywhere you choose or just keep naming places until you pick the right one. Generally just start with her favourite places and work your way down

3) This is the main one. When they say everything is fine. You know it's not fine, I know it's not fine. Everyone knows not fine...Now I'm sure scientists have done research on this before and it's proven that fine is not fine... Again you can do 2 things in this situation, you can either say okay no worries and walk away and deal with the consequences later or you can comfort her and say I know somethings up and possibly get punched in the face

No matter who you are, male or female fine is never fine and nothing is never nothing. 

Again this is not all women, but in my experience it WAS most certainly the case. If you guys think of any more make sure to leave a comment or reply.