Writing great quality content is the bread and butter for any freelance writer. Freelance writers are always searching for ways to make their content better for search engines, readers and clients.  All of these things combine to make their passive and real income work best. Overall every freelance writer searches for ways to become a better writer. These are tools that are used to make writing pieces of great quality content easier.

1)      avoid editing your first draft

Many writers don’t realize that creating and editing are two different things. Editing your first draft could actually stump your creative process. Attempt to create a first draft without editing and simply let the creative juices flow. You will find that you write better content when you are not concerned as much with SEO and keywords, spelling, grammar usage and other things.

Edit your work after you have written the first draft. Editing will include verifying punctuation, spelling, grammar and SEO to name a few things.  Not editing the first draft of content will help you become a better writer.

2)      good writers are good readers

Reading and writing are two things that go hand in hand. The more you read the better you will write. Reading is gaining knowledge, information and ideas. These are all included in great writing and will help you become a better writer.

3)      read the text you have written out loud

Reading your content out loud can let you understand if the flow is good. Additionally, reading out loud can also key you into whether or not the content is understandable and easy to understand. Reading what you have written out loud is a great tool to use to become a better writer.

4)      take criticism and use it to your advantage

Constructive criticism is received in many forms and can help you become a better writer. Whether you receive the feedback from a client, a reader's comment or a peer,  take the criticism offered and improve your writing.

5)      get rid of unnecessary words

Some writers are wordy. They will take a sentence that could be 6 words and make it 12. Get rid of the fluff and unnecessary words. Keep it simple. Readers like it simple and will enjoy your content more if you don’t fill it with unnecessary words.

6)      periods and commas

Periods and commas are misused more often than many people know. These are two forms of punctuation that regulate your thoughts. Periods and commas are over used or not used enough. Pay attention to these two forms of punctuation and you will become a better writer.

7)      use a thesaurus

A thesaurus is a useful tool for every writer. A thesaurus lets a writer expand a vocabulary and makes writing more interesting. Use a thesaurus to make a piece of content or text on a subject extra stimulating or thought-provoking by simply using a different word for similar or same items.

These are a variety of ways to become a better writer. They are simply in action and may seem trivial in some aspects. However, putting these words into action will improve your skills as a writer and make your content better as a whole.