Are you a fashion forward man? If the answer to this question is yes, it means that a teal tie is the right accessory for you. Teal it’s a very interesting color: a combination of green and blue that looks really spectacular and has the power to turn any dull outfit into an outstanding one. Wearing a teal tie for work might not be such a great idea, since it’s a strong, eye-catching color. But, if you are going to a party or to a special dinner, such tie will make you stand out as a true fashion forward person. There is something very festive about a dark teal tie: such an accessory is in the same time classic and elegant, but with a touch of glamour and originality. Such a tie is suitable for special occasions, like your own engagement party or even your wedding. When it comes to matching it with your outfit, you should avoid wearing other bright colors for the shirt or the suit. A classy idea is to use the same color – dark teal – on your suit, small details such as the jacket lapel or the front pocket. A teal tie looks really great with a dark suit and a white or pastel shirt.


A Purple And Teal Tie Makes Your Outfit Bold And Daring


If you are bored and tired of your dull suits and conservative, dark ties, then bring some color to your life with a spectacular purple and teal tie. The main goal, when you put on a tie, it’s to bring some life and color to an otherwise boring outfit. This eye-catching combination will be the spot of color and fun that your attire needs. However, when you wear such a bold tie, you should avoid having other strong colors in your outfit. You certainly don’t want to look like a clown. With a dark suit and a simple, discreet shirt, you’ll be able to transform your purple and teal tie into an elegant accessory, one that will make you stand out in the crowd.


Skinny Teal Tie – Perfect For Both Men And Women


Ties ceased to be exclusively men accessories a long time ago. Women can wear ties to add extra-chic and style to their outfits. A skinny teal tie is great for transforming your basic office skirt and shirt into an interesting outfit, one that shows you truly have a flare for fashion. For ladies, a tie is a pretty daring accessory, but if you match it with the right outfit, everyone will notice you. There are a lot o great casual dresses that you can wear at the office or when you go out with your friends. Adding a playful skinny tie and a chic hat to your dress will make you look elegant and classy.

Skinny ties are very versatile accessories, suitable for casual outfits and sophisticated ones as well. When you are shopping for a skinny teal tie, make sure it’s made of a good-quality fabric. You can find some great narrow ties that have the knot already made when you buy them and all you have to do is putting it around your neck. When you are in a hurry or if you’re not very good with tie knots, such an item will help you look nice and tidy each and every time.


Why You Should Pick A Teal Tie


The color of the tie is very important, when it comes to the overall appearance of your outfit. Teal is a beautiful color, and it works for everyone, whether you have dark or white skin. Pair a teal accessory with an elegant, black jacket and you are ready for any occasion: sophisticated dinner party or a date with someone special. A lot of men are a little worried about wearing strong colors, such as teal. However, a small item, like a tie, will bring you that touch of extravagance that turns a dull outfit into exquisite attire. There are many shades of teal, from very light to dark, almost black ones. This combination of green and blue – teal – is very festive, so you can wear it for special occasions, such as your wedding or engagement party. To complete the look, you can also get another accessory featuring the same color. For example, you can complete your look with a teal vest or handkerchief.