If you are looking for a vessel faucet, you main concerns should be the design, the quality and the finish. A vessel sink is an elegant kitchen or bathroom fixture and, since you’re paying a lot of money on it, you could as well try to find some spectacular vessel faucet.

Vessel sinks are made of precious materials, such as natural stone, wood, good quality ceramic or glass. When shopping for a new faucet, you need to consider the type of material that the vessel is made of. If your vessel is made of glass, you can pair it with a polished chrome faucet. For rustic or antique looking vessels, made of wood or ceramic, brushed copper or chrome are the right options.

 Vessel Faucet - Waterfall
If you want something truly spectacular in your bathroom, a vessel faucet with waterfall effect is the perfect choice. This type of faucet allows you to enjoy the beauty of water falling down in your elegant vessel. The relaxing atmosphere will make you feel like you are at an elegant spa, and not in your own bathroom. When shopping for a waterfall vessel faucet, make sure that you get a good brand. You want perfect details and functionality, and you can only get such qualities if you purchase a faucet from a reputable manufacturer. If the water in your area contains a lot of salts and minerals, you should buy a filter – this will prolong the life of your faucets and all the other kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances.

A faucet with waterfall effect looks great, but you also need to make sure it’s functional, especially if you are planning to install it in your kitchen. Check to see how the water falls and if it’s possible to wash dishes, fruits and vegetables in your vessel sink with waterfall faucet.

 Vessel Faucet Reviews

Before buying a certain brand and model for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to read some vessel faucet reviews. Some of the faucets might look spectacular, but you need ones that you can actually use. Reviews from customers who have already bought and used the products you consider purchasing will help you make an opinion on the strongest and weakest points of each product.

Most manufacturers and online retailers have a section dedicated to customers’ reviews and you can use it as a relevant information source. Also, you could check some of the home improvement websites and forums, for more tips on the best deals on faucets and vessels.

 Vessel Faucet Supply Lines

This type of faucets is pretty particular when it comes to water supply lines. Since the vessel sits on the top of the furniture, instead of being aligned with the top, you need to position the water supply holes and line very precisely, to avoid them from being visible. Also, it’s important for the water to flow directly into the drain, to avoid it from splashing on the counter top. For a properly installed vessel sink and faucet you should call a plumber. This way, the faucet and the vessel sink will be properly installed and they will last longer.

If you are a true handyman and you think you can do the job on your own, read the manufacturer’s instruction thoroughly and use proper tools. You need to handle the faucet’s supply lines with care, to avoid breaking them. After you installed your new faucet, check to see if it functions properly. If you see water on the counter top, around the vessel, or underneath the kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it means that you have a leakage. Find it and fit it before it ruins your furniture

 Vessel Faucet Parts

When shopping for a new faucet for your vessel sink, one of the things you need to check is if the manufacturer offers vessel faucet parts. Faucets are objects that you use every day and even if they are durable, sooner or later something will break, whether it’s a valve, a water supply line or a tap. It’s important to be able to find original replacement parts – only this way your faucet will continue to function properly. Ask the seller or the manufacturer of the faucet you intend to buy if replacement parts are widely available.