If you are an affiliate marketer and thinking of starting to use Clickbank there are a few things you need to be aware. Mostly the negative reviews are geared towards the way Clickbank pays out their affiliate marketers and even though I can relate to most of the critiques, I know that Clickbank works and works rather well for me.

Probably the point that gets most critiques is their payment schedule so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and explain this. You can of course always find more explanations in their help section but it seems that many people just sign up for programs to work with and never even take the time to read what they are getting into.

Anyways, the payment schedule is pretty straight forward.

Basically there are 2 things you need to accomplish in order to receive your first payment. The first one is reaching a the minimum payout. Simple and straight forward and you can set it yourself anywhere between $10 and $1,000,000. Easy as that, but remember they do charge $2.50 as a processing charge every time you receive a payment. This in itself is not all that great but really, if you persevere with Clickbank you will hardly notice it.

More important though, in order to receive your very first Clickbank payment, there is another rule you must abide to and this one is what makes many starting affiliate marketers say that Clickbank is too difficult for them. You must pass what they call the Customer Distribution Requirement that is set in place in order to avoid affiliate fraud.

You must make at least 5 sales that are all paid with different credit card numbers (so this does not include sales paid with Paypal), plus these sales must be made with 2 different payment methods.

This can mean that it can take quite a while for a starter affiliate marketer to be entitled to receive their first Clickbank payment, but if you think about it, they want to avoid that affiliate are taking advantage of the system, so in the long run everybody using Clickbank benefits of this rule.

Cool thing though is that after that initial threshold, things become a lot easier. Keep in mind though that if you have made a sale and then take a long time to make another, your account will be tagged as a dormant one and there will be made some charges for that, so make sure you keep selling and all will be fine.

What I love about Clickbank and their payment system is that after a while you are allowed to receive wire payments right into your bank account and for me, a non-US resident, that is a biggy because trying to cash an American bank check is a real pain. It takes forever to arrive, it takes forever to clear and my bank takes a nice cut (for them) as service charge. Last time I cashed an American check, it actually cost me $15, so I happily pay a small charge to get my money fast and straight into my bank account without any hassle.

Another thing you must realize before starting to work with Clickbank products is that there is a return allowance set in place to cover for any possible refunds they might give on their products. One of the selling points of many sellers is the fact that there is a 60-day return guarantee which means that they put some of your money on hold to make sure they can cover any possible return charges. You will get this money after the return period is over. Good news is though that most of the affiliate income is paid as soon as you reach your minimum threshold.

So for instance, if you managed to get to the point where you are allowed weekly payments, you will receive partial payments as soon as the week after the sale was made. Now that to me is pretty awesome and there are not many programs that pay out that fast.

Once the 60 day period is over you will get the rest of your money.

The percentage per sale you can make with Clickbank products is pretty high, it can go all the way up to 75%, but it is all at the vendors discretion to set the percentage anywhere between 1% and 75%. Personally I try to promote products that are in the 60-75% range and only promote products in the lower range if they are closely related to niches I already have sites in or if it feels like such an outstanding product that I just can´t pass on promoting it.

The commission is calculated after the sales charges are substracted by Clickbank so keep that in account as well when calculating how much you would get for selling a product, but more importantly pick products you feel good about and that are worthy of your time promoting them. Have a really good look at the salespage, the product, what is offered and think about whether you would buy it yourself. There are a lot of crappy products in the CB marketplace and a lot of products are spin-offs or succesful products to choose carefully.

Make sure you read all the guidelines in the help section of Clickbank just so you understand what to expect and know what the rules are before starting to promote any clickbank product. I tried covering the most imporant facts about the payments from Clickbank in this article, but things might change a little bit over time or they might be a little different in the country you live in.

Just remember it is always important to inform yourself first, before jumping into any agreement and that doing your research can really pay off in the future.

I hope this article has cleared up questions you might have had on Clickbank payments and how it all works, I really enjoy promoting the products over there and after having been a CB affiliate for over a year, I can only say that it has been a positive experience once passing the initial thresholds.