The door especially the front one is where most people enter a house, whether they be wanted or unwanted persons. A door home security is vital in protecting your residence from break-ins by burglars. During the night or when you are away from home, thieves can just kick through your door Front Door Securityand they can just do anything they want inside your house so it's best that you invest in a decent home security system to protect you and your loved ones from these malicious elements.

The door lock is one of the most basic component in a door home security. They use a mechanical mechanism to prevent people from opening the door. The most simple ones are the ones that are found in door knobs but they are usually not enough as they can be easily picked with wires or pried with credit cards. A deadbolt offers additional protection combined with a door knob lock as it is heavy-duty and requires a dedicated key to open. However, it can be hazard during emergency situations as it can be quite hard to open during such instances.

Another door home security component that you can invest in Now That's Security!are door reinforcements. They are large metal instruments that are placed in the door to strengthen their structure which prevents forceful entries such as kicking in. An example of this is a door brace which is an adjustable rod that is placed underneath the door knob to stop people from entering even if they have a key. Another example is a door bar which is basically a reinforced metal rod that is placed horizontally in the middle section of the door. It prevents people from opening the door from the outside with force.

Modern technological gadgets can also be used as a part of door home security such as door alarms and sensors. While they cannot strengthen the physical structure of the door per se, their main purpose is to notify the owner as well as nearby neighbors if a forceful entry is taking place. Another useful function of it is that it can deter potential robbers from breaking inside your house, because these devices have already announced their presence.