There are just so many types and designs of rugs out there in the market today that picking one out for the home can be quite a challenge. However if you want a rug that is soft, super comfortable and very luxurious, then you can go ahead and pick out a Flokati rug for your home.

Where does this Flokati rug come from? A Flokati is a rug that has its origins in Greece. A long time ago, the shepherds in the mountains of Greece used blankets made from the wool of their sheep. These blankets protected them from the cold. One day they found that if they washed these blankets in the cold waters of the river, the blankets will become fluffier and plusher. Now the shepherds began weaving the wool into rugs and washed them in the river to fluff up the wool fibers. And that was how the Flokati rug was born.

The great thing about the Flokati is that it is 100% made from wool. This means that the entire rug is wool, including all its pile and its backing. This Flokati wool rug was traditionally off white in color. But today it is possible to get a Flokati rug in almost any color of the rainbow as these wool floor rugs can be dyed into many hues. Even till today, the genuine Flokati rug is hand woven in Greece.

These rugs only use wool from Greece itself or wool that has been imported from New Zealand. It is safe to say that this Flokati rug is the most plush and soft rug that you can find today. It is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Of course this luxury and comfort comes at a price, and you can see that Flokati rugs are among the most expensive types of shag rugs today.

Before buying the Flokati rug for your home, you should know that these rugs are graded differently from other rugs. A hand knotted rug would be graded according to the number of knots that are in a square inch of the rug. A Flokati on the other hand is graded by the weight of the wool in grams (g) in a square meter of the rug. As such you will see different grades ranging from the 1,000g to the 4,000g rugs. What this means is that the more wool is present in a rug, the heavier it is. And the heavier the rug is, the higher the grade. Flokati rugs with a higher grade would be more expensive than the ones with a lower grade.

In the market these Flokati rug grades are known by a few names. A 2,000g rug is a 3A or a Premium. A higher 3,000g rug is sold under the 4A grade or also known as the Super Thick or Super Heavy. The topmost grade for the Flokati rug is the 4,000g rug or the 5A. This is known in the market as the Ultra Plush. You can even find rugs of a lower grade, with 1,000g or 1,500g per square meters. These rugs are less thick and are not really advisable if you want to use your rug for a long time. A lower grade rug can become worn easily and will turn thin and matte.

Once you know how to buy the Flokati rug, you need to know how to keep it looking great at home. Maintaining the Flokati is relatively easy, thanks to the wool fibers. All you need to do is to give the rug a good shake periodically. Shaking the rug will help to loosen any trapped dirt and dust. The Flokati will also benefit from an occasional airing outdoors. Airing the rug will benefit the wool as the fibers are allowed to breathe. It can also eliminate any indoor odors that may be on your Flokati. Whenever you shake or air your rug outdoors, make sure you do it in a shaded area and not in direct sunlight.

Once a while, you can even wash your Flokati rug. Smaller rugs can easily be washed in a washing machine. For this, you need to use the gentlest cycle on your machine. After this you need to air dry the rug. Larger Flokatis may require a bit more attention. Using a spray bottle, spray cold water onto your rug. Then hang your rug in a shady area for it to naturally air dry. Your rug must be completely dry before you can use it again. Once your rug is dry you can fluff up its wool fibers using a metal or a dog brush. Start in the middle of your Flokati rug and work your way outwards. Brushing the fibers will keep the rug looking plush and full.

The Flokati rug is indeed an attractive rug for the home. Taking good care of your rug can give you years of enjoyment.