Family picnics are a fun way of bonding together with your children. After a long stressful week of working and school time, every member of the family deserves a time to rest and just unwind. And what perfect plan that works also for family bonding and relaxing? Picnics! Yes, children always love a picnic in a park or at the beach.

To avoid further stress on your part, you need to know the important things to bring when going to a picnic. Having to deal with a missing corkscrew when you need to drink your much awaited champagne could be frustrating and irritating.

When planning a picnic, you need to bring the following:

  1. A picnic basket: of course, you would not miss this one! This is where you put your entire collection of food and other things. If you are a large family, then a larger picnic basket would be perfect to allow more space for the extras.
  2. Food storage containers: it is important to store foods in clean storage containers to avoid contamination. Plan ahead what you are going to bring to provide a suitable food storage container for each food. Avoid mixing dishes in one container to avoid spoiling the food.
  3. Bring plates/cups/silverware: you should not miss this out. This is very important for convenient and easy picnic eating.
  4. Paper towels and napkins: always bring paper towels and napkins for cleaning up after eating your food. This will keep everything neat and clean.
  5. Bring lots of water: if you have children in your picnic party, always bring lots of water since they will be thirsty after running around the park and playing.
  6. Trash bags: You should bring trash bags whenever you plan a picnic. This is where you put all your trash and leftovers to avoid cluttering in the park. Always clean up after the picnic.
  7. Corkscrew: if you bring champagne to the picnic, a corkscrew should not be missed.
  8. Antibacterial gel: always bring an antibacterial gel especially if you are planning a picnic away from town. This will keep your hands clean and safe from dirt and germs.
  9. A cooler: bring a cooler full of ice for a cold drink, water, soda or even champagne.
  10. Folding chairs: if you plan for a more relaxed picnic, a folding chair is the best way to keep you at ease and comfortable.
  11. Cushions and pillows: having something to lie down on such as soft as a pillow can be very relaxing. When you need to lie down on your mat to enjoy the day, a perfect soft pillow or cushion is just heaven.
  12. Anti-allergy medicines: always bring anti-allergy medicines wherever you go for
    emergency purposes. (Watch out for bees!)
  13. Sunscreen: you should not forget to bring this one especially if you are planning a picnic on the beach to avoid getting yourself sunburned. This will also protect you from UV rays of the sun.

Picnicking with the family is so much fun especially for children and a great way of connecting with them. It helps you and your family to relax and enjoy the day. Be sure to bring these things and plan ahead so that you won’t have to miss out anything. Enjoy your picnic!