There are so many chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients in the things we put into our bodies.  Between the food we eat, the shampoo we use and the toothpaste we use, we may be harming our bodies without even knowing it.

Fluoride is one of the toxic chemicals that are found in toothpaste.  It is very dangerous to consume.  Many doctors will try to tell you that fluoride is good for you but it is indeed a poison to our body.  

Triclosan is another dangerous chemical that is found in our toothpaste.  It is an antibacterial agent and is dangerous to our health because it reduces our thyroid levels which can lead to problems with metabolism.

Another thing that we should never put into our body or avoid as much as possible is radiation from medical tests.  Did you know that most CT scans can give you 5 times the amount of radiation that you would normally get in just one year of natural sunlight?  That is an extreme amount and can be very dangerous.  It may be necessary for you to have to undergo a medical test that involves radiation, but it should be avoided as much as possible.

Propylene glycol is found in so many things we eat everyday.  It is a food additive which means it is used because it tastes sweet and is used to thicken food.  We become addicted to many unhealthy foods because this is put in there.  Propylene glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze. If you put some antifreeze in your garage, the mice will lick it up because it tastes sweet.  If this is just one way to kill mice, can you imagine what it is doing to our body without even knowing about it?

High fructose corn syrup is found in many of our cereals that we eat everyday.  We think we are doing our body’s good by eating cereal in he morning.  The truth is, we need to look for the right cereal to eat.  Many types of cereal as well as many juices on the market are filled with high fructose corn syrup which is just a false sugar.  It can lead to childhood diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

Dyes are used in almost everything we eat today.  There is a lot found in candy, off brand cheese, beauty products, they even dye some of our meat to make it look more appealing.  While all artificial dye is harmful for you, yellow #5 is the worst because it contains the most.  They make these dyes by using coal tar.  Coal tar contains a dangerous amount of lead and arsenic that we are ingesting into our bodies.  Just because something you want to eat looks bright and appetizing, unless it is natural or organic, it is probably very harmful for your body both inside and out.

They put aspartame in many types of candy we can buy on the market.  It is mainly in our gum that we chew.  Aspartame is very harmful to us.  It is actually bacteria waste that we are consuming.  It is incredibly disgusting to think about.  Other food that contains aspartame is diet soda or sugar free foods.  People think that they are eating healthy because they are eating “low fat or diet” but in reality they are doing worse things to their body than consuming a regular soda that is non diet.

Over the counter pain medicines are dangerous as well.  Obviously you know you are consuming medicine into the body to make you feel better, but in the long run you will feel worse.  Over the counter medications lead to ulcers and other health problems.  Many of us take Tylenol and Advil for our aches and pains.  Limiting the amount we take or finding natural ways to deal with our aches will be helpful to keep your body healthy.  Professionals say you should take over the counter pain killers no more than once a week, if not less.  On an average, the average man and woman takes one pain killer a day to deal with their pains that could be cured in other ways.

Unfiltered water is very unhealthy for you.  It is disgusting to see people drinking out of the faucet water without filtering it.  Make sure that both the water you drink and the water you use for cooking is filtered.  Usually the more expensive the filter is, the better your water will be filtered.  One that attaches to the faucet head, or a filter that you keep in your fridge will do just fine.  There are some filters that will filter out fluoride, and others are not as heavy duty.  There is a lot of bacteria and heavy metals hiding in regular faucet water.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is found in many shampoos, makeup, toothpaste and other beauty supplies.  Why they put it in these products is beyond me, but it is definitely not benefiting us at all.  Many people do not care about using these as cosmetics with sodium lauryl sulfate in because they think it is just going on the exterior of their skin.  The truth is, these chemicals soak into our skin which is dangerous and harmful in the end.

Too much cell phone usage is another dangerous thing for our bodies.  It releases harmful radiation.  Of course, this is nearly impossible with the amount of cell phone use we use these days however, there are ways you can limit the amount of radiation you are getting.  For an example, using a bluetooth or keeping your phone on speaker phone is a good idea.  The less you have your phone against your body, the better it is for you.  If you have a purse, keeping it in there instead of in your pocket is a helpful tip as well.

It is scary to think that all of the things that we are consuming that we think we are benefiting ourselves, we are actually harmful ourselves further.  Avoid these toxic chemicals can really help us stay healthy.

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