The use of social media is extremely common. In many families everybody will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or some other social media platform. Even grandmas and grandpas use social media platforms to stay in touch with their family and to be able to see pictures of their grandchildren. Although social media platforms such as Facebook are very effective in helping people to socialize and network with other people, these same social media platforms can be very damaging to a person in the real world if not used properly. Here is a list of 5 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media.

The List

1. Sexy Pictures


Posting a "selfie" is very common and considered to be a cool thing to do. However some people decide to post selfies where they have little to no clothing on. This is a bad idea no matter how good you think you look. When you post a picture of yourself in a skimpy bikini then you are sharing it with the entire world. Seriously, you are literally sharing it with the entire world. You may have your Facebook settings set to private but the reality is once it is on Facebook or Instagram the picture no longer belongs to you, it belongs to Facebook[1]. If one of your friends sees that skimpy picture they can right click, save the image, and then share it on other websites and it is completely legal. Once your skimpy bikini picture is posted on Reddit, or another website then it could go viral.

There is no way you can ever get your picture off of the internet. You could also end up seeing your image used on banner ads to promote adult oriented websites and dating websites. If you think you look hot and sexy in your bikini and want to post a picture then you need to understand it could be seen by millions of people. You may not mind if you picture is viewed by millions of sexually aroused men but in the future you may not feel the same way. Imagine your grandma or grandpa seeing the photo, or years from now your how would you react if your children 

2. Binge Drinking - Drunk Posts and Pics

So you went to college, joined a fraternity, and partied on the "weekends," congratulations.

If you or anyone else posted pictures of you doing a keg stand you may have severely limited your chances for getting a good job. If you want to use your college degree to be a physical therapist or some other white collar job then you may struggle due to pictures on social media. Pictures of drinking and partying might be fun for you and a friend to reminisce about occasionally but they will do more damage than good. Even if pictures are not be on your specific Facebook account, and these pictures may not even have you tagged in them, but prospective employers can still find them. During an interview process employers do check social media and look for potential character problems, and this includes looking at some of your friends pages.

You should also be aware that it is possible to loose a job when you go on a Facebook rant about your company or boss. As a rule you should always think before you post, if you are too drunk to decide if something is a good idea to put on the internet for everyone to see, then there is an app for that.

3. Publicly Arguing With Ex

So you got divorced or broke-up with your girlfriend/boyfriend.  Heck, maybe both happened at the same time for you but the last thing you want to do is to be arguing with your former lovers online publicly.

After a break-up emotions can often run rampant and cause problems in the rest of life. You will often say things that can seem very intense, rude, and abrupt to outsiders. In the future you are bound to regret most of these rude and vicious things you say to your ex on the social media platforms. Instead of getting rude and snide publically use Facebook the way it was mean to be used. Explain to the World on your Facebook status that you are going through a rough break-up so you may not be around as much.

Play the sympathy card one time only and then reap the benefits of being contacted by people offering their moral support. It is okay to use social media to get a new lover but do not use it to argue publicly with your former lovers. It's not a good look for you.

4. Radical Rants

Give Me Weed SignCredit:

After Obama was reelected to a second term as President of the United States there were many social media posts that were very radical. A lot of posts used racist’s language and even threatened the Presidents Life. Regardless of your political views, it is not good to use racist’s language or to threaten the President of the United States. No matter what you views are you will alienate your friend, family, and may maybe even get visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

If you make a joke about mentally ill people and you work with mentally ill people then you could loose your job.  If you make a racist joke, or a sexist joke understand that it is not protected by your "Freedom Of Speech," Hate Speech and Liable are not protected[2] and you could face a law suit or be fired for it.

When you are very angry and want to vent then write it down in a word program on your computer instead of on Facebook. After a few days go back and re-read what your wrote. Often times you will recognize the vile and vicious tone you presented in your monologue and understand why it was beneficial to you not to post the rant on your Facebook wall.

It is also important that you please do a simple Google search to determine the legitimacy of the case made in a link you are sharing. It is very common for people to get upset about things that turn out are not even true. It is your responsibility to check before you share, or rant in the form of a comment.

5. Illegal Activities

If you smoke marijuana where it is illegal, cheat on your wife, rob a neighbor’s house, steal a bike, hack a website or any other illegal activity, then do not go on Facebook and talk about it. It has happened so often that a crime is committed and then the person Tweets about it and gets arrested. Seriously, don’t brag about illegal activities on the Internet. You should not be committing illegal acts but if you insist on doing it then at least be smart about it and do not mention it online. 

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Social Media has a lot of benefits to us as a modern society but it is imperative that we do not misuse it. Our reputation is very important when job hunting and we do not want to ruin our future by posting stupid things on our Facebook that can be deemed offensive to some parts of society.