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Planning a bachelor party is a lot of fun, but an exciting night can quickly become a disaster if you do not plan things right. You have to think about a lot of things before you get the guys together for a fun night. A lot of guys think that simply getting everyone together and heading to the closest strip club will be enough but if you decide to go that route you could end up messing up the plan. Here are some things you should not forget when you have been given the task of planning your friend’s last night of freedom.

It Is His Party

When you get an invitation to a bachelor party there is a certain amount of expectations that one has; the same thing happens when you are planning the party. You get an image of drinking and being surrounded by sexy dancers in skimpy clothing. While most parties will be fine like that, you have to remember that the most important person attending is the groom. You have to stick to their rules and if they are not a drinker, then why would you go to a place where the only choice is alcoholic drinks? What if he does not enjoy strip clubs? You may think that a different gathering may not be what everyone has in mind, but the groom’s opinion is the important one.

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Who Is Invited

This is actually a difficult one because sometimes the groom is good friends with the bride’s family, so does that mean that they should get an invitation? The rule of thumb is that inviting the men in the bride’s family should only be done if you are planning a wholesome goodbye to single life. If you are going to a game and then a restaurant, then it is fine for them to tag along. If however you are planning to hire a couple of dancers which is 99 percent of the time innocent fun, then they should not get an invitation. It is not that they are not friends, but they could see things differently because they are relatives of your friend’s future wife.

You should also keep the event small with only the closest true friends invited to the gathering. One of the worse ideas is to invite anyone’s boss. Even if you are friendly with your boss you do not want them around you when you are having a good time outside the office. That could make things awkward and in the past some men have ended up fired when they thought everyone including their boss had a great time. Unless you happen to work for a life-long friend, bosses stay off the invitation list. One more thing to remember is to remind those invited to leave their cameras at home.

Go Somewhere

Las Vegas bachelor party

You do not have to stay in town when you throw a bachelor’s party, in fact if you live in a small town you would be better off heading somewhere else. Here are many destinations which are perfect for partying and they are everywhere in the country. Of course the top destination is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is “Sin City” for a reason, and there are a lot of things you can do to make your friend’s party a time he will remember his whole life. The second choice would be New York City. The Big Apple really is the city that never sleeps and it has a lot of clubs and strip joints to choose from. Miami and the South beach area should also not be ignored and neither should Los Angeles.

There are also international cities that you may want to take your party to, but always make sure that those cities are not only great for tourists, but also that they will allow the gathering to still be a lot of fun. Some of the top destinations you may want to keep in mind when going international include Amsterdam, Cancun, London and Berlin. All of those places are great for having fun and can make for a great trip for everyone involved. There are also several Caribbean destinations which are great destinations to have a great time. If you want to go international it is important that you plan the event ahead of time, so give yourself at least three to four months and make sure that everyone has their passports in order.


Innocent Fun he he

A bachelor’s last night of freedom does not have to just be something that takes place at night. There are several activities which will stand out when planning the event. Some of the best activities that you can plan are sports events, camping, jet skiing, golfing, attending a boxing event, paintball, fishing etc. Go with something that the groom enjoys and which those invited love to do as well. Run it by everybody so that everyone is in agreement (that is why smaller events are a lot easier to plan).

You should not plan something that can get your friend injured. Taking a Mixed Martial Arts class on the same week as the wedding can leave him with an injury to his body or a visible one. You may even ruin the honeymoon unintentionally if he gets hurt during the event.

The Perfect Date

Obviously the closer you get to the wedding the better off the party will be, but try not to organize the party (especially the ones that will take more than a day) too close to the wedding date. Keep in mind that the groom is necessary for the wedding preparations and you do not want his head on that when you are trying to have a good time. The weekend before the ceremony is a good date because the weekend allows more of the people you invite to plan for their availability and it gives you enough time to have a great time.

Do not wait until the last-minute to send out the invitations, but do not do it too early either. A period between 3 and 4 weeks before the bachelor’s party is ideal because it will allow people to make arrangements and will get everyone excited. If you are planning to go on a trip then discuss it with everyone at least 3 months in advance. Also consider everyone’s budgets so that one important person is not missing from the event.

The aftermath