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Just like in any business venture, there are certain things that you should not do. Of course, this means that there are certainly some things that you should not do on Fivers World. Although Fivers World is a convenient market place to post your products or services, you really have to keep yourself from committing the mistakes that won’t help you sell anything at all.

Here are some of the things that you must avoid doing on the market place.

Things having to do with your jobs

  • Reposting the same job

When you post the same job more than once, you will only make it harder for your profile to load. This means that interested buyers will be turned off because it takes them too long to view your profile.

  • Deleting old jobs

This is bad for your profile. How come? It is because when buyers search for a product or service related to what you are offering, they use the search option on the site. The search engine will come up with the most relevant results. How can you expect to have high rankings if you have deleted your old jobs? You will surely lose the exposure for your site and the chance to be viewed by many buyers.

  • Stop selling and leaving jobs on the site

A few sellers just stop selling on Fivers World. Some of them connect their profiles to an email address that they do not check regularly. Because you have not stated your intention to leave the site, Fivers World will ban you for not meeting your deadlines from the jobs still on the site and for not staying in contact with customers.

Things having to do with your clients

  • Not keeping in touch with buyers

Even though you have delivered the jobs to your buyers, you still have to keep in them with them. This gives your buyers the idea that you are professional in your dealings with them. When they see you in this light, you can surely expect them to come back for more of your stuff or service. 

  • Not responding to emails immediately

It is also important for you to respond to emails right away. This is particularly important if you have a buyer who has a question about the job he has ordered from you. In short, answer your emails right away as this will give your buyer the assurance that you will deliver the job he has ordered. More importantly, if you do not respond right away, the buyer could cancel the order.

  • Giving clients a half-baked job

Of course this is something that you should not do. Clients won’t come back if the service you provide is not top-rate. But then again, this applies to all types of businesses, not just your Fivers World business.

Now that you know which things you should not do on Fivers World, you can get started on selling as many jobs as you can for as long as you are a member of the site.