As a person who just got a new gym membership you would like nothing more than to fit in at the gymnasium. It can often be overwhelming at first to get started at a gym. There is a lot of equipment you are not familiar with, you do not know anybody, and you feel like everybody is watching you because you are new and out-of-shape.

Here are some things you should not do at the gym. By not doing these things you will meet more people, have more fun, fit in faster, and not get in trouble by the gymnasium management. It is important to remember that each gym is different so some of the things that may not be acceptable at one gymnasium are acceptable at another gym. If you are new to a gym then avoid all of these things until you understand the protocol at your specific gymnasium. Some of these things are never to be done at any gym but other rules such as not cussing are allowed to be broken at specific gymnasiums.



Towels are necessary at gyms. If you are new to a gymnasium then bring a towel with you. When you lie down to bench press some weight you will want to lay the towel down first. After you are done pick the towel back up and then wipe any sweat left behind by you. Watch other lifters who use the bench press to see how they do it. If someone else has top sit on top and wipe up your sweat for you then you will rapidly gain an army of people who dislike you at the gym.

Proper Lifting Areas


If you are lifting dumbbells in the squat rack area then you will anger the other bodybuilders in the gym. If you are standing in the squat rack then you should be doing squats and not curling some dumbbells. Yu should always lift in the proper areas. If you stand directly in front of the weight racks then other people cannot get to the weights they need and you will frustrate and or anger them because you are blocking them from getting what you need.

Put Your Weights Away

When you are done then put your weights away. Nothing angers weightlifters more than tripping over and having to put other people’s weights way for them. You were strong enough to pull them off of the rack and do 5 sets of 10 repetitions each so you should be strong enough physically to take the weights and put them back on the rack.

Woman Gawking


It is normal to see beautiful women at the gymnasium working out. You will definitely get an eyeful of cute women and you will notice them but do not stare at them. If you are constantly staring at the women then it will make them very uncomfortable and you may get reprimanded or even asked to leave. Do not be a creep who stands in back watching the women in tight booty shorts and sports bras during the Zumba class.

On the other hand feel free to offer a sincere compliment to a woman. Friendships and even relationships often do develop from people who meet while working out at the gym. If you are doing an exercise and a lady near you is also doing an exercise you can sometimes compliment her such as “wow, I would have passed out 15 minutes ago if I was running as fast on the treadmill s you are. I hope I can get to your physical fitness level one day”. You can use your judgment about when to talk to woman and when to compliment them, but the bottom line is don’t be a creep.


Most gymnasiums do not allow you to cuss. Some gyms simply ask you not to cuss and will point it put to you if you are caught cussing. Other gyms may have a super-strict policy about profanity and will kick you out of the gym for use of bad language. A few gyms though do not mind if you cuss. Usually the small, grungy lifting gyms designed for serious bodybuilders will have the most relaxed rules about cussing while family friendly gyms such as the YMCA gyms will have the strictest anti-cussing policies.

Ask For Guidance

If you do happen to get told you are doing something wrong by another gym member then immediately apologize and tell them something to the effect of “I am new here and still learning how things work. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me I did something wrong. If you see me doing something else that is not acceptable or normal at this gym then please let me know”. This will often open up the dialogue and the person will often begin to provide tips and hints to your. A friendship could even evolve. Instead of getting mad at people for correcting you it would be much more beneficial to you to take the criticism in stride and then ask for further corrections in order to develop some camaraderie among yourself and some of the other gym members.

Go To the Gym

The number one mistake people make with their gym membership often does not occur at the gym. What happens is that people get motivated to work-out and get in shape and then after they sign up for a gym membership they only got a few times then quit going. A gym membership is an excellent value because for $30 or so dollars each month you can get in shape, lose weight, and extend the number of years you live, and meet a lot of cool people. The problem is if you are paying for a gym membership and not using it.

When you buy a gym membership it vital that you actively use your cheap gym membership or you will not be able to change your habits and you will continue to be fat and out of shape. It can also be very helpful to use a fun website such as Fitocracy to track your exercise sessions.