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You have just been introduced to a lesbian at a party and you are not sure what to say. Well read this article and find out what NOT to say. Avoiding any social awkwardness and embarrassment on your part. Lesbians are human beings first and foremost! Therefore deserving of respect and the right to live in our society with the same rights and privileges and anyone. There are things you can say that will not only undermine their dignity but alienate you from anyone within earshot. Lesbians are tired of hearing these things and they are totally inappropriate.

 “So who wears the pants in the relationship?”

    It's a relationship, a Real relationship. Not the way men like to dominate women and control the relationship and the situation. But in a mutual partner way that both supports and nurtures both partners. Leading to an intimacy that a heterosexual relationship can never mirror.

 “How do lesbians have sex?”

    Sex is more than just a penis. Sex is sense: touch, smell, sound, taste and emotions. These things go a whole lot deeper than just a penis. I am not sorry to say to you men that the entire world does not revolve around your genitalia. Lesbian sex IS real sex! There is no “one way” to have sex and if you're doing it the same way every time then you're doing it wrong.

 “Are you a lesbian because you have had a bad experience with a guy?”

    Being a lesbian has nothing to do with a guy. Some guys are great and some guys are jerks but a lesbian will only be attracted to girls period. There isn’t any way that you are gonna change that. No matter how hot you think you are or how “good” in bed.

 “Were you born a lesbian?”

    Were you born straight? It makes no sense to ask someone this, of course you are born that way. You cannot invalidate her lesbianism with this lame attempt at increasing your chances of getting laid by 01% so give it up.

 “How did you know you were gay?”

    You have a feeling when very young, you just do. In the same way you know you're a heterosexual . It's not something you choose to happen to you. Would any sane person choose to be ridiculed, threatened, bullied and discriminated against in the workplace and at home. Your pretty sure you are straight..... she is pretty sure she is a lesbian.

Lesbian symbol “What can a girl do that I can't?”

    Girls smell nicer feel softer and connect with you on an emotional and physical way thus making them better in bed. Making love is about mutual pleasure, intimacy and love. Not about getting off as fast as possible so you can catch the game. Women take the time, build the trust. Allowing an experience beyond the understanding of a heterosexual relationship. Any questions?

 You don’t look gay, your too hot what a waste?

    Talk about stereotypes! When did you become such and expert on lesbians? How do you know how a lesbian is supposed to dress or walk and talk. A lot of men have difficulty walking like a man should walk and talk, the way a man should take care of business. So what right do they have to judge someone else?

 Can I watch?

    NO! Please don’t even ask! Your guaranteed to get a negative reaction with this one. Please use common sense. Google it if you have too.

    These things that are commonly asked of lesbians only serve to subjugate and repress their expression in our society. Lesbians are wonderful beautiful people who do not deserve to be boiled down to simply a sexual orientation! So think before you ask and you just might make a friend and who know. They might even have some tips for you too meet the girl of your dreams. Be a gentleman and be popular. Lesbians are tired of hearing these things again and again, finding them to be totally inappropriate.  

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