Most teachers shouldn't be allowed to teach

This should become apparent at some point during your education, however if you manage so get all the way through school without any inclination that your teachers are incompetent you should come to this conclusion by the time you reach 25.  There are two reasons for this 1. You will know people in your life (friends, family or aquantences) who have become teachers in the past few years and 2. Teaching is a great fall back job.

Now obviously not all teachers are incompetant human beings but there is no doubt that if you know 10 people who have entered the teaching profession in the last few years about 7 of them will are.  The reason for this is that teaching is a great job to fall back on. If you are incompetant then you probably stuggled to succeed in your first choice of profession so what do you teach.  Teachers are well paid, have amazing holiday allowances and it only need to do a 1 year post graduate degree to get in (in the UK).  So you can achieve a lower tier second class degree, scrape through a post graduate degree and land a job shaping the lifes of children (WHAT!)  So to conclude if you are 25 or older think about how many of your teachers growing up should have been teaching.

Religion is over rated

When you are younger religion can play a big part in you life but as you get older have you started to question what religion is and what the benifits are of it.  Up until a certain age you learn based on what you see, read and hear within your environment so if that environment is heavly laden with religios dogma then you won't be aware of anything else, religion is normality.  However if you are 25 or older and have an inqusitive mind than will have some questions

  • Why is a book written in a time that pre dates the burning of witches still prominent in modern society?
  • Why is there no evidence?
  • Why have so many atrocities been carried out in the name of religion?
  • Is prayer just an excuse not to get off your butt and do something about it?
  • If I was born in Israel would I be Jewish?

So after asking these questions (and many more) you might want to question the benifits of religion...what's that "It gives me a set of rules that help me live my life in a good way" I hear you say, well why can't you adopt these rules without all the other stuff?  Why do you need religion in order to be a cililised person who does a bit of good now and again.

There are no shortcuts

If you are exctly where you want to be in life at 25 you better believe you worked you ass off to get there.  When you were younger you would have had grand plans of success/world domination but no concept of the hard work thats required to achieve this, by the time you are 25 you will know that anything worth achieving requires work.  Shortcuts are counter productive the homework you copied meant you didn't learn the material, the practice you skipped meant you didn't fulfil your potential, the professional exams you didn't sit meant you missed out on that promotion.  If you want it you better be willing to work for it.

It helps to be rich

All thought there are no true shortcuts in life being wealthy sure helps.  Rich people usually come from successful backgrounds so have the mentors and resources to be successful themselfs. This is not written in stone but there are distict advantages to being rich.  The other side to this is that money doesn't make you happy, this is true to an extent, sure if you have rich parents, work for your fathers law firm but your dream is to be professional singer then you will be pretty unhappy nevertheless you have the security to chase your goal when the opportunity comes along.  However if you come from a working class family that relies on your income then the chance is any opportunities you have of becoming professional singer will be allowed to go saling by.

The grass isn't always greener

Many of us can get lost in the misconsption that the grass is greener, the fact of the matter is its propably not.  The problem with moving to pastures new is that its not easy to leave your personality behind.  Those who make life look easy tend to be able to do this regardless of their environment.  Nevertheless one distinct benifit of searching for something new will lead to change of scenery which is great way to stay refreshed and motivated.  Like most things the journey is ofter better than destination.

The strong silent type don't get far

Any 25 year old who works in the real world will know that the strong silent types don't get far (they get ignored).  There is one exception to this the strong silent types that look like a Ashton Kutcher and manage not to say anthing too stupid, these dudes can pull it off.  By the time you reach 25 you will have noticed that the people who make a lot of noise tend to get what they want or at least the opportunity they were looking for regardless of the level of sense made in the noise they make.

Get REALLY good at one thing

Something most 25 year olds will have learned is that one sure fire way to do well is to find a nich and get really good at it.  There is a requirement or fan base for just about everything you can think of out there and if you are the go to guy on any of these then you will do well.