Christmas is supposed to be the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, but to many people there are things that suck about it. Yes Christmas is a great time of the year but it is far from perfect. Here are some of the things that truly suck about Christmas.

Buy Buy Buy

Christmas has become so commercialized. In the past there was in fact this perfect and ideal view of making simple homemade gifts for your immediate family, spending time around the home cooked Christmas dinner, and celebrating by singing Christmas carols and threading popcorn. Unfortunately this part of Christmas seems to be gone forever.

Christmas has become extremely commercialized and people feel forced to buy extravagant gifts for their immediate family and gifts for extended families. Many of these gifts are not given out of the kindness of their heart, but instead of the pressure put on them by society that they have to buy gifts for each other.

Christmas time is not the time to take out a title loan on your car so you can buy videogames for your kids, but unfortunately it seems like this is where our society has come to as a whole.

Santa Claus

I love Santa Claus. I Love the spirit of Santa Claus. I hate it when young kids find out the truth about the “spirit of Santa Claus”.

Weight Gain

People have enough weight around their belly as it is, but I hate it when the holidays come and we all pig out and eat too much. Yes I hate the weight gain, but I do love the great meals that come with the Holidays. I take a better view of things when I secede I can lose the extra weight as part of my New Years Eve resolutions.

Travel Planning

I hate planning to travel to meet other people at Christmas time. I also hate helping to organize for other visitors to come and stay with us during the Christmas Holiday. Traveling and planning is often fun, but not at the hectic and rushed period of Christmas. It is better to stay home for Christmas time and have time with your immediate family, but unfortunately the in-laws do now always agree with what we think.

Christmas Tree Base

I hate the base to Christmas trees. No matter how much I try to adjust it, the Christmas tree never seems as stable as it should be. Why can we send men to the Moon but not create an easy to use Christmas tree mount that truly works.

Mall Salesmen

Mall TreeCredit:

I hate the kiosks at the mall in the weeks leading up to Christmas. These salesmen are so pushy and rude. I would love to punch them in their face every time they rudely approach me,

Turn the Lights On!

Dickens VillageCredit:

I hate it when people yell to always turn the lights off and say stuff like “Your wasting energy”, and then as soon as Christmas time rolls around they put up a ton of exterior lights, turn them on, and leave them up until March. I like Christmas lights, but I hate that some of the people who put them up are the same people who yell about wasting energy the rest of the year.

Wrapping gifts

 I love watching people unwrap gifts. I love to unwrap gifts. I do however hate wrapping gifts. It is not that I am a Grinch or anything, but I simply struggle to wrap gifts. It always looks like an intoxicated 5 year old wrapped the gift when I attempt to do it.

Ungrateful People

I hate being at the mall or the department store before Christmas and seeing people arguing and domestic partners arguing. You may preach the Christmas cheer spirit but if you are constantly yelling, griping, and being a Grinch then you are ungrateful. You should be thankful for the Christmas Holiday and help to preach good cheer instead of angering people all of the time.

Family Christmas Cards

Why do you never call or talk to my family until Christmas time when we suddenly receive on of your infamous family cards. You have this beautiful picture featuring your family smiling and then a typed letter that brags about everything your family has accomplished over the past few years. Why do you do this? Who cares? If you do not ever want to call or come over to visit my family and I throughout the year then we don’t care to receive you annual Christmas card. Please give us a break and leave us off the mailing list unless you will also come visit us or at least call throughout the year. You can brag about how your family is doing so good but don’t forget my family reads the “police log” in the newspaper and we also know what your son has been up to.

Egg Nog without Alcohol

I know not everybody drinks and I respect that, but when it is a stressful period and we are visiting your home for the holidays and you offer me a drink, then I expect and need an alcoholic drink. If you give me egg nog then I expect it to have some alcohol in it. If the eggnog does not have any alcohol in it then it is worthless to me. Trust brother, we will both have a better Christmas together if we do a bit of drinking Christmas Eve.

Taking Decorations Down

Yes it can be a fun at times to put the Christmas Decorations up, but taking them down and putting them away can truly suck. It is no fun to put the Christmas decorations away.

Forgetting the True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is based on religion, but you definitely do not need to be religious to celebrate it. Regardless of your religious views you should respect the Christmas Holidays. Hopefully the Christmas period can help to bring out the best in you and allow you to have a better and more positive outlook on life for the following year.