The Month

Quick overview and history

The month of April is the fourth month in the Gregorian Calendar. It is one of four months with 30 days. Historically, it was the second month in the Roman Calendar prior to the addition of the months January and February by King Numa Pompilius around 700 BCE.

April's birthstone is the diamond.

A popular saying in the US is "April showers bring May flowers.", which is a reference to the typical, and higly generalized, weather conditions during the month.

Since 1955, in the US, Tax Day is usually on April 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend, Emancipation Day, or any other holiday, tax returns are due on the following business day. (For example, Tax Day is on the 18th in 2011)

Important Dates

Holidays and other events

Some important dates in the month are:

  • April Fool's Day - 4/1
  • Good Friday - (sometimes) a Friday from 5/20 - 4/23
  • Easter - First Sunday after a full moon
  • MLB Opening Day - (US Baseball) First Sunday
  • Tax Day (US) - 4/15
  • Boston Marathon - Third Monday
  • Patriots' Day - 4/21
  • Earth Day - 4/22
  • Arbor Day - Last Friday in the month
  • Autism Awareness Month - All month


Some historic dates have been:

  • 4/1/1960 - US launched its first weather satellite.
  • 4/2/1992 - John Gotti (Mafia boss) convicted of Paul Castellano.
  • 4/10/1912 - Titanic sets sail. Four days later she hits an iceberg.
  • 4/30/1803 - Louisiana Territory purchased from France.
  • 4/30/1789 - George Washington took office as first US President.
  • 4/10/1841 - The New York Tribune begins publishing.

April Fools Day

April Fools Day

Pop Culture

Traditionally, April 1st is known as a day to play pranks on friends, coworkers, and relatives. These jokes can range from small lies to elaborate hoaxes. In recent times the day has become very popular in the tech industry with sites like Google and You Tube leading the charge.

Some of the more recent tech company pranks are:

  • 2007 - Google announces Gmail will now have the option to print your webmail and have it mailed via traditional post!
  • 2007 - advertises "Rent an Asimo" (Honda Robot)
  • 2009 - You Tube displayed their "recommended for you" section upside down - including the video.
  • 2010 - advertises new shows like: Grey's Astronomy
  • 2010 - Google changes its name to Topeka, in response to the Kansas town that changed its name from Topeka to Google for the month of March as a publicity stunt.