Dating can be stressful. We've all worried about a date at least once before. We've asked ourselves what we should talk about and what our date will be like. Will we like him or her? Will there be a second date? There are many things people should avoid on a first date, especially if they would like the chance to have a second date. There are common etiquette rules to follow. Also, there are places and things to avoid on a first date.

Places to Avoid
If this is your first date, then the whole point is getting to know the other person. Avoid taking your date to a loud place or event where you aren't able to converse with them. Don't go to a loud rock concert or a big party. Save concerts and party for future rencontres.

Things to Avoid at Dinner
On a date, you almost always go out to dinner. There are many dishes that are off limits. If you really think you have a shot at kissing the person good night, then avoid stinky foods. Don't order extra garlic or onions. Also, if you're a somewhat messy eater like I am, then don't order foods that are particularly messy. Avoid chicken wings because they leave gunk all over your fingers and the sauce sometimes drips onto your clothes. Don't order four glasses of wine and get tipsy either.

Talking About Previous Relationships
Whatever you do on a date, don't bring up your old boyfriend or girlfriend. This is always off limits. Talking about what you did wrong in that relationship will make your date uncomfortable. It will also highlight your flaws and make your date think that you'll make the same mistakes this time around. If you talk about an ex in a wistful or endearing way, this will make your date think that you aren't over them and that you aren't ready to move on.

Talking About Money
Avoid talking about money. This is the first date and you barely know this person. So why tell them how much money you make or whether or not you're in debt? Discussions about finances should come much later. I once dated a guy who talked about his salary and how much his house was worth within the first twenty minutes of our date. Granted, he was financially secure, but it was still a turnoff. I felt like he was over-advertising himself. You shouldn't have to try that hard to make someone like you. It should come naturally.

Negativity is another thing to avoid. If you're at a restaurant and the chicken isn't perfect, send it back if you have to, but don't grumble and complain every five minutes. I hate whiners, and most everyone else I know hates them, too.

Also, don't give an earful of angry anecdotes or tell depressing stories. This will make you sound like your glass is always half-empty. If you get a second or third date with this person, you'll have plenty of time to talk about your crappy childhood or the fact that your dog died when you were five, but don't throw it all in at once.

Avoid giving your home address to anyone you aren't familiar with. Because so many people first converse with a possible mate online these days, you never know what you've gotten yourself into until the first date. For this reason, many people choose to meet their date in a public place. This is cool if you think there's a possibility that this person is a psycho or a crazy stalker. You wouldn't want a serial killer to have your home address, would you? Of course not. The main rule of rencontres is to meet your date at a place where there will be tons of other people around, such as a coffee house or a casual dining restaurant. You won't have to feel nervous about these types of rencontres because you can always shout for help if your date is a lunatic.

Etiquette and Conversation
There are both verbal and nonverbal ways to make someone instantly dislike you. Interrupting someone when they speak is a good way to appear disrespectful. Avoid that. Also, avoid looking bored or uninterested in what the person is saying. Even if you are a bit bored, try to make eye contact every now and then. Encourage your date by smiling and nodding when you agree with what they are saying. Even if you'll never see this person again, you should still be polite and respectful.