Skyrim is an incredible world where players can choose a wealth of different character paths and priorities. If you are getting into the game consider these things to collec tin Skyrim to add another dimension to your gaming.

1. Gems
Gems are typically only good for earning money. The great thing about them is they weigh so little it allows you to keep a large stock of them without taking up too much of your carry weight. Why would you want to keep lots of them? The best strategy is to collect a ton of gems and then use clothing, gear or potions that increase your barter ability to get the most money for the gems. Considering things to collect in Skyrim, this is one of the most practical.

2. Specific Metals
Early in the game you can run across a variety of metals that you can’t really do anything with. Until your smithing skill increases, it’s dead weight. Once you have a room or home with a chest to use, start stashing all the specific and various metals you can find.
Some of them will take up a ton of your carry weight so you might have to make multiple trips to clear out areas of Dwemer metal (for instance). Most of the time the gold per pound is worth it and if you are interested in smithing, these metals will be useful in making fun weapons once you are leveled up.
This is only one of the practical things to collect in Skyrim if you intend to use it to make weapons or sell it.

3. Books
I like books in Skyrim, but only for skill points. Some other players compulsively try and build the biggest library possible. I don’t know anyone who collects ruined books and would not recommend it. They’re useless.
Still, it may be fun to return to your ‘house’ in the game and drop off all the books you can find in the game. Some super fans also actually read all the fiction they come across. Some of it is pretty good and helps players get into the game even more.

4. Human Hearts
Human hearts are a valuable commodity not just for their general gold value but for their use in potions and recipes. Some players, seeking a more morbid path, collect as many as they can and just store them.
I don’t run across them commonly but you can target human hearts and make this your own personal side quest. In terms of things to collect in Skyrim, human hearts a bit more off-the-wall but still fun for a lot of gamers.

5. Money
For some Skyrim players, building wealth just happens. You start the game trying to be the good guy or the bad guy and you just end up amassing as much wealth as possible. This is a fun strategy to try and not just one of the things to collect in Skyrim. The idea is to see how quickly you can level up and progress while not simply pillaging and buying gear. Instead, keep your wealth and use skills to improve your gear and weapons.
Not the most practical thing to collect in Skyrim, but fun.

6. Elven Gear
I’m not sure why, but I have heard of a number of collectors refusing to sell their Elven gear (in spite of it’s high value) and instead storing and collecting it. It makes the most sense if you are playing a character who uses the gear but can still be a fun thing to collect in Skyrim.

Regardless of how you play the game or what things to collect in Skyrim you think are fun, enjoy the game and do your best to avoid becoming a vampire.

Skyrim Screenshot
Credit: Braclo