Buying a new watch is a major purchase. In the world of watches, you are better off spending a bit of money to purchase a watch from a well known brand because you know that watch will last you a long time. When it comes to buying watches, you definitely get what you pay for. Before you buy a watch, think about the following features. When you are ready to buy a new watch, head on over to websites like and


Many people do not realize that watches are available in different sizes. When watch retailers refer to different sizes, they are talking about the size of the watch case itself. A women's mini watch case can be as small as 23mm, while a women's midsize watch case can be as large as 36mm. For men, a regular men's watch case is generally around 37 mm, and a men's XL watch case can be as large as 45mm. For comparison purposes, the diameter of a quarter is 24.26mm and the diameter of a half dollar is 30.61mm. Before you buy your watch, you will need to decide what size watch you are looking for.


Once you have settled on what size watch you want, you need to think about what shape watch you want. There are four basic watch shapes. Of course, the round watch is the most popular type of watch and is very classy looking. The tonneau watch shape refers to a watch that is barrel shaped. Tonneau watches are known for their retro appearance. Of course, you also have the rectangle shaped watch. Most people prefer to reserve the rectangle shaped watch for dressy clothing only. The final basic watch shape is square. Behind the round watch, the square watch is the next most popular type of watch shape. The square watch is perfect for both men and women that are looking to make a statement with the watch that they are wearing


Now that you are thinking about what size and shape watch you want, you are ready to pick a color. When you are shopping for watches, the color of the watch refers to the band color and the dial color. Types of watch band colors include black, silver, brown, two tone, gold, blue, silver tone, gray, white, green and yellow. Watch dials are typically available in black, silver, white, blue, gray, brown, gold, yellow and silver tone. Of course, you are going to pay more for a gold watch, but you'll also be buying a watch that will probably outlast you. If you decide to go with a gold watch, you also need to decide what karat you are interested in.