H. Pylori
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h pylori


Millions of poeple worldwide are infected with the Helicobater Pylori bacteria.  Oddly enough, not all exhibit common symptoms of infection and many have no symptoms or knowledge that they are actually infected.  Still, there are plenty of people with chronic digestive issues that have begun to consider treatment.  While antibiotics are the treatment of choice for most physicians, there are many things that should be considered.  While a physician will give the best advice she can, doctor opinions are often biased and the American medical system does not take into account the serious aftermath left behind by conventional pharmaceutical treatments.  If you, or someone you know, is infected with H. Pylori, you may want to weight your options before beginning treatment.

Ask Questions

When meeting with your doctor take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can.  If a doctor is unwilling or clueless about your treatment it is best to find a more knowledgeable doctor.  Asking about medications, side effects, and long-term recovery are a good start and a decent doctor should be willing to share this information with you.  If information seems biased or scarce the doctor may not be considering your health and could put you in danger.

Physical Health

Do you have any other conditions?  Are you allergic to any medications?  Are you over or underweight?  Other physical conditions can be severely affected by H. Pylori treatment.  If you are a thin person it may cause you to lose additional weight.  If you are allergic to any antibiotics, you could have a reaction, even if the antibiotic is different.  It may not be worth the risk to find out and it could save you lots of money in extra medical expenses. 

Work/Time Off

THis may not be the case for everyone but Helicobacter Pylori treatment can be reather intense.  You may have to check with your work beforehand because you may have to take some time off.  The treatment typically lasts around ten days and the side effects get progressively worse as the antibiotic accumulates in your system.  Make sure you have enough vacation time to cover at least a week so you can complete treatment comfortably at home. 


This is a huge factor that American doctors rarely consider.  It is a misconception in Western medicine that antibiotics are safe and side effects are minimal.  Antibiotics, like other medications, have long-term effects on the body.  They may kill off harmful bacteria but they also destroy all good bacteria, leaving you with a different set of digestive troubles.  You may want to research the antibiotics you are prescribed and weigh whether that weekly bout of heartburn is worse than being chronically constipated.

Alternative Treatments

If you're symptoms are not too urgent, it would be worth your while to research alternative treatments.  Although there are currently no alternative treatments recommended by doctors I have heard of a few naturopathic treatments for H. Pylori.  The effectiveness of these treatments is relatively unknown but if you can deal with your symptoms long enough it may be a good idea to try the natural route first.