Setting Up a Non Profit(130272)

Many people have a social issue or a cause that they are passionate about.  There are several ways that you can advance awareness and improve the lives of those affected by the situation, illness, etc. of the tragedy of which you are trying to combat.  Some people donate to existing non-profits – time or monetary donations.  This can be an effective way to improve the plights of those suffering from the tragedy.  Others use social media or their other connections to spread the word about the cause.  For those who cannot join another existing organization due to geography or a lack of an existing organization sometimes choose to begin their own non profit organization designed to solve the problem at hand.

In order to start and run a successful non profit organization, it is first important to define the goals and mission statement of the non profit.  If you are not able to do a quick ten or fifteen second elevator pitch of your mission, you have not defined it adequately.  (An elevator pitch is a quick snippet that you can give describing your goals to a complete stranger as if they asked you and you had the time between floors to respond.)  Your mission statement and goals should be directed, focused and concise. 

After you have defined the mission statement of your non profit, you need to register all appropriate paperwork.  You need to apply for a tax exempt status and complete all necessary paperwork.  This can take some time to secure, so plan accordingly.  In the time that you are waiting for your paperwork to be approved, you should be looking for officers and exploring fundraising opportunities.

When you have your officers, you need to define the responsibilities of each person in your organization and make sure that there is little redundancy in work loads and assignments to allow for the most productive use of everyone’s time.  You will also want to make plans for the times that an officer leaves so that another can easily take their place, reducing the amount of time that it takes to pass the torch from one person to another.  Using a good nonprofit software solution can help with the passing of the baton, so to speak.

You need to set up a website and social media profiles for your non profit and begin to spread the word as soon as your organization’s status is approved.  By doing all the above steps, you can hit the ground running and make the world a better place, one section at a time.