It can take a strong man (or woman) to move into a rural and remote area and build a rustic log cabin. Many people want to move to the Alaskan interior or the mountains somewhere and live off the land. Living “off the grid” has a lot of appeal to people but once you start researching things out you may find that you need to learn a lot more to make you plan viable. Here are some things to consider when you want to live off the land and off the grid.

Green Energy

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Solar cell panels and wind turbines for home use are very popular with people who live in remote areas. This allows you to get all of the energy you need but not be beholden to a power company. Heck, if you live in a rural enough place you won’t have access to power lines anyways.

It is good that you want to use natural energy sources such as solar power and wind energy but it can be expensive. Yes you can set-up everything yourself but there are so many different types of set-ups it can get confusing and expensive. Before you head out to live in the wilderness off of natural energy it is vital that you fully research what type of energy you want to utilize and the best methods within your budget to get this done. Depending on your budget and the system you may find it more valuable to pay experts to come out and install the solar panels or the wind turbine on your property.

Green energy seems to take 1 of 2 sides. People who set-up green energy either invest heavily in a very expensive system that will take years to pay off or they will invest in cheap systems that do not function efficiently and are constantly lacking in producing the amount of energy they need. A competent green energy system is within your budget regardless of what your budget is but you do need to be able to do a lot of research to find the best system for your needs.

Short Wave Radio

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Yes you may have plans to get away from anything and everything and want to avoid the World but once you are out along for 3-6 months you may begin to crave information about the real world. A short wave radio can help you to listen to the news of the world.

A shortwave radio can also be a lifeline to help protect you. If World War III ever breaks out then you will want to be informed of this so you can know whether it is safe to go into town for supplies or not.



You will want to be as self-sufficient as possible but there will still be certain items you will have to buy. If you are a coffee drinker then buying a bag of build coffee to get you through the year is vital. You may also consider buying beans, wheat, and flower.

Rustic Cabin

If you are living in a remote area such as the interior of Alaska or mountains in Northern Nevada then you may decide to build a simple log cabin like out pioneer ancestors used. These simple and rustic cabins work great and can last many years. You do not need to be an expert to build a log cabin but it does help to have some experience first. If you can find someone with experience building simple log cabins then volunteer to help them out on a few jobs so you can get experience building the simple log cabins. You may even be able to find a log cabin building school.

It should be noted here that we are talking about building simple one room log cabins. If you look in log cabin magazines you will see primarily log homes. You will not be building a huge log home mansion in the outbacks of the rural areas of the Country. You are simply building a simple rustic log cabin to keep you warn and protected from the environment and wild animals.

Economic Freedom?

Are you looking for economic freedom where you no longer have to pay for things with money? Do you want to live where you can barter for the goods you need? Some people strive for this but learn they would rather make and sell goods when they come to town as opposed to bartering. This allows them to have more freedom.

An example of this is a trapper. He can trap tan the hides and then trade the hides for goods he needs or he can sell the hides for trash. If he chooses to sell the hides for cash then he has more freedom to buy what he needs. He may not be able to barter for the supplies he needs but he can always find someone willing to sell the supplies he needs for cash. Think about it this way, if you were to go into your local Wal-Mart and try to trade some Beaver hides for bagged beans would they do it? Probably not but they would accept your cash.

Medical Conditions

Some people have hopes and dreams of living in a rural area but medical problems force them from living their dreams. If you have heart problems or some other medical problems then it could be very wise to stay living in a populated area where a hospital is nearby. Regardless of your dreams it is better to live to a ripe old age living in a populated area with a hospital as oppose dot dying young because you could not get any help because you lived in the middle of nowhere.

Living off the grid in remote areas is often seen as very appealing but a lot of people who attempt it find they are not cutout for this type of living. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to live off the grid because you can always install your green energy turbines in the City too.