With the increasing traffic each year car accidents have become a usual thing which one can experience anytime and anywhere. Normally these accidents are of minor nature which involve minor damage to your vehicle as well as injuries which are most of the times settled between the parties with mutual consent, but if there is major damage to the property and human injuries are involved even then insuarnce companies get involved, police reports turn into lawsuits and nobody gets away unharmed. In order to avoid most of the compications this article will give you a few tips on what to do in case you get into a car accident.

get informed
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Move to a safer place

After having a car accident you may feel the vehicles should remain as they were at the time of accident until police or insurance agent visits the place of accident but, according to car accident guide, you can move your vehicle to a safer place, if possible, to let the traffic move on uninterrupted. You should turn off the engine and turn on the warning lights to avoid further damage to your car.

Provide first aid for the passengers

You should check other passengers travelling with you as they might have been injured due to the accident and require any medical aid. According to car accident guide, you should provide them first aid from the first-aid kit available in your car or arrange to provide them medical aid, if possible, as their physical safety must be your priority at that time.

Dial 911 to call the police 

You should dial 911 to call the police in case of a car accident caused due to the negligence of one of the parties involved. In case the driver who smashed with your car is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs then you must inform the police to claim your damages and treatment expenses for your injuries.

Collect informations

The next step is to collect the following information from the other party involved:

- name

- address

- license number

- car plate number

- phone number

- car insurance number

- insurance provider company

All of this is needed so that you can provide this information while claiming your damages from the insurance company.

Arrange documentary proof of the site

Car accident guide advises you to make sketch of the accident site giving all the details and take photographs of the site, using your cellphone camera or the camera in your glove box, displaying the position of the vehicles and the damages occurred to convince the insurance company at the time of filling the claim.

Call your insurance company

You are also advised to call your auto insurance company to guide you in the process of reporting the accident and filling the claim for your damages.

All in all you are advised to do all the things discussed in this article to help you out from the mess created by the car accident immediately after it happened to you. One last step in some cases is hiring a lawyer. We don't want to go there but sometimes we have to. Learn more about compensation law in your area, it might come in handy. One last thing, keep calm. That is the hardest thing to do in a stressful situation such as a car accident, but being calm will allow you to get all the needed info and get on top of the situation without further complications.