When most people travel to Illinois they think Chicago.  But there is plenty to do in Central Illinois.  Central Illinois has big cities, universities, and nature without the craziness you experience in Chicago.

Below are just a few of the many things you can enjoy in Central Illinois.

Concerts & Sporting Events

Central Illinois is home to many universities such as Illinois State University, University of Illinois, Illinois Wesley and Millikin University.  Each of these schools bring excitement and entertainment.

If visiting a college campus isn't your cup of tea, do not worry!  Central Illinois is also home to many bars and music clubs that are always scheduling artist to play.  Timbuktu in Decatur has the best country music bands and The Canopy Club has entertainment every night from local bands to large tours like Lucky Boys Confusion.

Each town also has many movie theaters if the kids want to catch the latest Disney movie out.  Check out Clinton's Eagletonia or Decatur's Avon theater for a different experience then the commercial theaters that have invaded most towns.

University of Illinois

History Lessons

One special Central Illinois town fits in as much history as they could provide.  Springfield, Illinois is a cherish place for its ties to our late president, Abraham Lincoln.  While in Springfield, visit the Abraham Lincoln Museum downtown, his home while living in Springfield, and the statute of Mr. Lincoln to rub his lucky nose.

Drive down Interstate 55,  to visit the town of Lincoln, where Abraham Lincoln has his law practice before running for president.  Other area towns, like Decatur, also include important Lincoln events.



Enjoy Nature

Central Illinois is full of exciting things to do outdoors!  Take a walk through Decatur's Rock Springs Park to see how the landscape used to be, before the take over of corn fields!  Even during the winter the Park has activities for all ages.

If an over night trip is on your list, check out Lake Clinton or Lake Shelbyville.  Both feature a beach, plenty of fishing and large boating areas.  Each lake has multiple camping areas for everyone with special areas for those with tent and another area with electricity hook up for RVs.


Rock Springs


Ladies pay attention (and guys too)!  Central Illinois has a lot of shopping available for its visitors and residence.  From Tuscola's long-standing outlet mall that features stores such as Coach, Old Navy and Corelle to Springfield's new sporting good megastore Scheels there really is something for everyone.

You will also find many antique and boutique shops in all the major Central Illinois towns including Bloomington, Champaign and Decatur.  Do not miss out on the one of a kind opportunity to spend some serious cash!

Tuscola Outlet Mall


Love visiting zoos but hate the crowds?  Then you will love the Central Illinois zoos.  All feature beautiful animals and clean parks but are much less expensive and you can enjoy the view without fighting the crowds.

Most zoos in the area also feature a petting area, reptile house and trains to help you learn more about the zoo!

Panda at Scovill Zoo

While many people think of Central Illinois as boring it is anything but.  Just spend a few hours and you will see there is plenty to do in the area for you and your family.