Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the best beaches you will find anywhere, but finding places that aren't crowded with visitors is a tough task, unless you take the short drive from Sydney and head towards the Far South Coast.


This area is known for its scenic drive as visitors will see some of the best coast lines the country has to offer. The sapphire color of the water gives this area its name and with plenty to see and do for the whole family, taking the time to visit this special area will create life long memories.


Bermagui is the first stop and this little fishing town is surrounded by beaches, wetlands, and some great lagoons with plenty of native wildlife. Wallaga Lake is the biggest in the southern section of New South Wales and offers some great camping, fishing, and boating. For something a bit different, try your hand at catching your own prawns and enjoy their fresh sweet flavor with a family BBQ.


Bega is just 30 minutes further south and this farming community has plenty to offer. A visit to the cheese factory is a must see. The Heritage Center offers free tastings of several premium cheeses and a museum that shows how the product has been made over the years. With some great local shops and a championship golf course, this small town has something for everyone.


Tathra is the nest stop and this coastal town is surrounded by two National Parks. Mimosa Rocks National Park offers camping and several walking trails that will take you to the only natural rock beach in the Far South Coast. Birdwatchers can keep an eye out for a variety of different birds, including Fairy Penguins that frequent the area.


This area is known for some great seafood and several activities the whole family can enjoy. Summer brings out the barefoot lawn bowlers at the local Bowling Club, but fishing, golf, and snorkeling are also among the activities for people of any age.


Merimbula is just a short drive down the coast from Tathra and this area is very well known for a terrific holiday. The kids have a choice between Magic Mountain, a small but fun amusement park that features water slides, miniature gold, and a roller coaster. Top Fun in town offers several different video games and contests where the kids can win prizes with games of skill and chance.


While the kids play, the adults can soak in the great beaches, restaurants, and shopping this great community has to offer. Downtown is an easy walk and allows visitors the opportunity to take in this small gem of a town.


Eden is the last stop on the tour and just like the name proclaims, its a beautiful town with rugged coastlines and dense forests. When in town, visit the Killer Whale Museum where you learn that these magnificent creatures are much more than meets the eye. Visit the wharf to see what the local fisherman have to offer during the week and a visit to this town is not complete without seeing the Green Cape Lighthouse.


All of these small towns have friendly locals and plenty to do and see for the whole family. Kangaroos are plentiful and if your lucky, Koala Bears can be seen in a few locations. Bring along a camera and get ready for the views as this is one of the most scenic areas in the world and is worth the drive from Sydney as a two or three day road trip.