Alaska is sometimes called the final frontier of America. The reason is Alaska has much unexplored lands and thus most of remains in pristine beauty. Here you can see mountains, rivers, sea, and many wild animals. There are two ways you can see Alaska. You can either see it by cruise, or you can fly into one of its cities like Anchorage or Fairbanks and then do your own site seeing.

If you fly into Anchorage, you can rent a car and do your own driving. You don't have to worry about getting lost in Alaska, because there is only one main road. From Anchorage you can take a couple hours drive up to Denali National Park. There are also tour buses that can take you there and drive into the park so that you don't have to drive yourself. This may be the best option to see the national park.

If you head south of Anchorage you can go to Kenai Fjord National Park. In this national park you can see a real glacier called Exit Glacier. In the national park you can hike the 7 miles to the Harding Ice Field. This trail is very strenuous so you should prepare yourself.

If you drive farther south you will get to the town of Seward. This is a fishing town where you can eat at some restaurants or take a boat cruise out into Resurrection Bay. Out on the bay you might be able to catch a glimpse of some Orca whales.

Drive north of Anchorage if you want to do some hiking on the Matanuska Glacier. There are tour groups here that will take you on a trek on the glacier. If you want, you can also hike on it yourself. This is the best way to get a close up view and actually touch a glacier.

From Anchorage, you can drive up to Fairbanks, which is another city. At Fairbanks you can go to the Chena hot springs. This is a good activity to do especially during the very cold winter days. Take a dip in the hot waters and relax.