Bangkok is a prime city in Thailand-rich in culture yet very modern and civilized. It's a tourist hotspot not only because of its bustling city lights but also because of its historical landmarks. For a traveler looking to enjoy an urban landscape rich with culture, Bangkok should be the top choice for a getaway.

But what can you do in a concrete jungle like Bangkok? Here are things to do when you visit this city.

  • Enjoy the grandeur of the palaces and temples. Even if you live in a country where palaces and temples are also very common, you will still certainly enjoy what you will see in Bangkok. Thailand's royal family is still using some palaces so you might not be able to enter, but a lot are already open to tourists. There are hundreds of temples or "wat" in this city but pick out the ones that stand out such as Wat Pho, which is the largest temple in Bangkok and Wat Suthat, which is the oldest one.
  • Indulge in the city's museums. If you are a lover of arts and history, then you shouldn't miss visiting any of the museums in Bangkok. Why? Their museums house a vast collection of Asian antique and art. It's a very attractive sight!
  • Visit the Thewet Flower Market. The ferry terminal near the market is worth visiting too.
  • Have you ever wanted to watch muay thai (thai boxing) fighters spar against each other live? Then you have to visit the Boxing Stadium in Lumphini. You can catch the matches every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday for real martial arts!
  • Book yourself a bicycle tour! This way, you can experience Bangkok' countryside, riding through rice paddies, orchid farms and lotus fields. Guided tours are available so you can explore the city first hand and up close.
  • Get a true blue Thai Massage. Most luxury hotels offer traditional Thai massage but as you would expect, this costs a lot. Small massage shops on the street offers cheaper rates, however, watch out for those that are just a front for "hanky panky" shops!
  • Catch at least one or two festivals. Most of Thailand's festivals are celebrated in Bangkok. The Chinese New Year festival is one event you can watch out for in the city's parades on the street. It's also worth seeing Loi Krathong, the festival of lights, and the Bangkok Songkran Festival that celebrates the New Year in Thailand.
  • Go shopping! Don't visit Thailand, or Bangkok in particular, without going shopping. Visit Siam Square and you will surely fill your bags with clothes and other items. You can buy almost any piece of clothing, shoes and accessories at a very low price. Shopping in Bangkok can keep you occupied for days and make a shopaholic extremely satisfied after the visit.

Bangkok has more to offer than what I wrote here, but you will surely see it for yourself once you set foot in this city.