Things to Do in Miami on Spring Break

Miami, Florida is on of the top destination spots for college kids on Spring Break. After the violence in Mexico erupted and made that Country even more unstable and unsafe for visitor Miami was able to get even more Spring Break visitors. Miami is not necessarily the top Spring Break destination in Florida; however, it is one of the most well-know and popular destinations. Here are some things to do in Miami on Spring Break.



The Everglades makes a good daytrip from the Miami area. I know you are going down to Florida on Spring Break so you can meet women and drink beer but you really should visit the Everglades, especially if you have never been there before. You can always party at night. Here’s a tip: Meet a couple of nice girls and then you and your buddy can take them out to the Everglades for a daytrip and impress them. There is a lot to do in the everglades but the most popular activity that is free is simply walking around and looking at the alligators from the boardwalk. 

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Zoo Miami


The Zoo Miami is well-worth a visit. You can enjoy this great Zoo and then go back to your partying lifestyle at nighttime.  In addition to the regular offerings at the Zoo they also have an abundance of special activities that take place on a regular basis. Check the website out for the most current events that will occur when you are in town. The Zoo Miami is far from being operated by a bunch of old stodgy people. The Zoo Miami is a very “hip” place and is the trendiest Zoo for young people in the United States.

The Beach


Going to the beach is one of the most popular things for visitors to do when visiting Miami for Spring Break. The great thing is that visiting the Beach in Miami is free. You will need some money for drinks and refreshments but that is it, well maybe some sun block too. You also make have to pay a few bucks to take a bus down to the beach if you are not staying in a Hotel that is near the beach.

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Shopping Malls

There are numerous shopping venues in Miami including a number of malls. The malls are like malls everywhere but if you are not from this area then you will find a lot of cool stores that they do not have in your local mall back home. In addition to the shopping you can also relish in the voyeuristic activity of people watching. Old people in Miami are fun to watch.


After the booze and bawdy women the next best thing to do in Miami on Spring Break is to eat. There are so many different restaurants down in Miami. If you have never tried Cuban food then you definitely need to try it. If you go to Spring Break in Miami and spend all your time eating at McDonalds and Taco Bell then you are worthless scum. You do not have to eat at the expensive and fancy restaurants but you do need to be eating at some of the hidden cafes that are the gems of Miami food. Why travel to a new area such as Miami and continue to eat the same food as you do back home? One place you must eat at least once when you are in Miami is at Joe’s Stone Crabs.

Bicycle Riding

You can rent a good bicycle at ride around on and near Beach Front Avenue. Riding a bicycle is a great way to discover new things and to have fun. It is also easier to meet up and talk with a pack of girls when you are on a bicycle as opposed to being in a car that is traveling by at 50+ Miles per hour.

Car Watching

If you like cars then you will love Miami. You will all types of cars here. It is really a cool thing to see a Lamborghini or other exotic sports car out driving around or parked on the side of a street near a littel cafe. You will definitley see a huge variety of cars here if you keep your eyes open. Of course even if you are not paying attention you will still notice when a Tesla Roadster speeds by.

If you want to read and learn more about Miami and the surrounding area then I would  suggest taking a look at the books shared in this article. All of the books here are interesting but depending on what you want you may even buy all of them. The Gangsters of Miami book below is a truly fun book to read, even if you are not planning on visiting Miami anytime soon. There is an unlimited amount of fun to be had when you visit Miami for Spring Break. In Miami you do not have to drink and party non-stop in order to have a great time. Plan your next trip to Miami and you will have a lot of great memories.