Things to do While in the Treestand

How to stay occupied spending hours hunting

Are you a hunter and experience ADD ( Attention deficit Disorder ) or just plain get bored while spending long hours in the tree stand or while sitting behind that ground blind of yours? Well  if the answer is yes then here are some things you can do to curve your boredom. 

1) Reading

I believe that the number one thing you can spend your time doing while hunting other than watching and waiting is reading. What better way to spend your time than to experience the outdoors while gaining knowledge on any subject you choose. Not only can you be entertained by the latest fiction book or Business Magazine, you can do it while for the most part being completely silent. I have read several times sitting on the ground while hunting and in my experience it doesn't limit the amount of game you will see. 

Reading, one way to kill time.

2) Photography

The second you could do is  photography. If you have invested any money in a decent camera, or even if you have a cheap disposable you can take many beautiful pictures while in  the great outdoors. Anything from leaves to trees, even the game your chasing could be captured forever by you and your camera. Taking pictures can also become a way to make some extra cash if you have a nice camera and your good with it. Keep in mind though that this might make a bit more noise than reading a book.

3) Thinking or Enjoying the Silence

The last thing on my list is simple, enjoy the silence. Use the peace and quiet to de-stress after a long workweek or bad day. There are not many things better than the sounds of nature to help you relax. Another thing you could do is delve deep into your thoughts and try to solve problems like how you're going to remodel your bathroom or even simple things like what you're going to do with your free time when you get home. You can learn a lot about yourself while sitting in the woods alone in the silence. 

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading my article on how to keep yourself entertained while in the woods, be it hunting or any other venture you get yourself into. Keep in mind these three things could be  done anytime your waiting for something whatever it might be.