In modern homes it is highly unlikely that there will be no form of carpeting somewhere in the house. Carpet is one of the most popular floor coverings because of the fact that it provides a sense of comfort in one's home. If you find that you are in need of new carpet, you may be surprised at the wide range of prices that it comes in. Before you begin shopping for your new carpet there are a few things that you should think about.

What you will have to pay for your carpet will depend on several different factors. Material, overall design, and of course, size will be the main things that will determine the price that you will have to pay. More luxurious and expensively designed carpets will cost you more money. These styles usually will be made from rather expensive materials. On average, they will run you around $2-$7 per yard. However, you can find other carpet, ranging from $1-$2 per yard. The price all depends on the texture, durability, and overall design that you looking for your home. Regardless of what you are looking for to put in your home, you will find that there are a great range of different prices, materials and styles available.

Whether you're looking for interior or outdoor carpet, most flooring stores will offer you free quotes for new carpet. They will even come to your home to measure the room that you plan to put new flooring in. Some carpet stores will even come to your home or office and help you to decide what kind of floor covering would fit best with your overall design scheme. Many will not even charge you anything at all for doing so. It is now easier than it ever has been before to get the right carpet for your home.

Measuring Carpet Per Square Foot

carpet (33532)Choosing an affordable carpet for your home can be a challenge. Price is calculated by square foot and depends on several factors, such as quality, size, and type of fibers. Before purchasing, it helps to understand some of the characteristics that contribute to the quality and the cost.

Although the least expensive carpets cost as little as $1 to $2 per square foot unless looking at exterior items like outdoor carpet tiles, the average price is around $2.25. However, high-end versions may run as high as $8 to $10. Nylon, for example, often sells for around $1 while Berber starts around $4. There are, also, other charges, such as installation and padding. While padding runs around $1 per square foot, some retailers offer it for a flat rate.

There are no fixed formulas for figuring the cost efficiency of carpeting, but there is on rule of thumb that helps. A carpet should provide five years of peak quality wear for every dollar invested per square foot. Residential carpet is usually 12' wide, and commercial versions generally range from 13.5' to 15'. Nevertheless, the total width of the carpet should be considered when calculating accurate specifications. For example, buying a 100 square foot carpet for a 10' by 10' room would waste two feet from the other end of the 12" width. This fact is often neglected, and buyers are surprised when the carpet is short on one end. As a result, they try to piece it together and create less than professional results.

After calculating the total area, shoppers should convert the measurements to square feet or square yards. To calculate by square feet, the length of the room is multiplied by the width. As an example, a 7' by 16' room requires 112 square feet of carpet. To convert to square yards, 112, or the number of square feet, are divided by 9 to get 11.5 square yards. With these tips in mind, any buyer can easily buy carpet without spending unnecessary dollars.