Cats are, no doubt, one of the coolest, most laid back animals out there. They are furry (typically), adorable, warm, and slightly stupid. Cats have been around for centuries from myths to ancient Egypt to cats photoshopped in outer space. Whether or not you like cats, or are more of a dog lover, the history of the cat is intriguing. 

cat in spaceCredit: tumblr

(No cats have been harmed in this picture; all cats must be 21 to drink)

Felis catus. The fancy pants name for cat. Cats take center stage in ancient Egypt. Many Egyptians revered cats similar to the way India revers cows, but even more so. Cats have been considered as great as humans, receiving the same treatment as humans during the mummification ritual. Even greater than that, cats have taken roles in myths and have been depicted as gods. idol catCredit: wiki This is Bastet, or at least one of the many art works depicting the cat goddess, a woman with the head of a cat (or lioness depending who is sourced). The daughter of Ra, Bastet is usually known as a protective and kind goddess. Many Egyptians had a cat statue in their home. When a family's cat passed on, the family would shave their eyebrows in morning. (Google celebrities without eyebrows to realize how important they are to one's apperance!) Other religions or myths believed cats are guides for humans.

Cats have come along way from then, however. The Pilgrims are believed to have introduced the first cat to North America. Society now views cats as lovable pets, but sadly most people don't consider them equal to humans. Even though cats and humans have similarities, including identical regions in the brain that are responsible for emotions. And if dogs are man's best friend, why is a cat's brain more identically to human's brain than a dog's? 

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Well, there is more to cats than just their adorable features. There are two ways in which cats may have become domesticated: people trained them or cats lived around humans for so long, they became indifferent. Because cats are hard to train and rarely take orders (a loveable personality trait, in my opinion) I like to think that cats are super smart animals and are laughing at how stupid we all are as humans. 

cat donutCredit: google


Did you know that cats have night vision? Well, maybe not that grainy green night vision, but cats can see much better (1/6th the light level needed for humans!) than humans can. But cats can't see directly underneath their nose, so if you are trying to feed them a treat keep your palm off center! 

Declawing a cat is similar to cutting off your fingers! Don't do it! Trimming the nails is much more humane! 

Cats can be very quiet, introverted animals. They like to keep to themselves and not be bothered. Due to their introverted personalities, cats will endure significantly more pain than other animals because they don't show signs of pain like a dog would. Many owners also don't take their cat to a vet, therefore cats can have diseases and injuries that go unnoticed. 

It has been proven that petting a cat lowers one's blood pressure!

If a cat snores or rolls on its back it is a sign that he trusts you.

If you are allergic to cats, it is not because of its fur or dander! Cats secret a fatty substance called sebum that causes allergic reactions.

Cats are interesting and wonderful pets! They are easy to take care of and a pleasure to have roaming around the house and they don't require as much attention as other pets do. If you like to travel or go out for a few hours, don't worry because cats don't mind. Of course, don't leave them alone for too long because everyone needs a hug--or a pet--once in a while!

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