Studies show that workers have high chances of being disabled before reaching their retirement age. So, it is important that they be informed of what they are entitled to if in case they are involved in an accident or incur an injury that will leave them with a disability.

More and more info about disability claims can now be found on the internet. The Social Security Administration has their own website where they can assist claimants on attaining the benefits they deserve.

In this website, SSA provides a section where FAQs are answered and necessary forms can be downloaded by disabled people who may not be able to go to their office to immediately file their claim.

Generally, there are two programs implemented by the SSA which provides benefits to the disabled. One of them is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which provides benefits for workers with disabilities and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which provides benefits not only to the disabled but to the elderly and to the blind as well.


SSDI are only given to workers who have completed enough points by paying the social security taxes by earning their compensation income. In paying these taxes, a worker earns points that can be accumulated and qualify him to receive disability benefits.

Under this program, certain family members, like the spouse and children, of a worker may be eligible to receive these benefits as well provided that the below qualifications are met:

  • The worker's spouse is aged over 62

  • If the spouse is caring for the worker's child below the age of 16 or is disabled

  • The unmarried child over the age of 18 has incurred his disability before the age of 22.

  • The biological, adopted, or a stepchild that is unmarried and is under the age of 18

The SSI is a program that aims to assist people with limited income and is disabled, blind, or aged. The funds for these benefits are taken from general taxes and so beneficiaries need not to have paid social security taxes.

It is important for the claimant to prove that he has limited income and resources to provide for his necessities. The SSI benefits should help in paying for the medication or treatment that the disabled person needs.

In both programs, the claimant must be able to prove that his physical or mental condition is recognized and diagnosed by qualified medical professionals. Also, they must be able to prove that the condition is expected to last for at least 12 months or may result to death.

It is important that people apply for disability benefits as soon as possible because the process for these claims may take a while. They must also prepare their evidence that will support their initial claims so as to avoid going through appeals and hearings to establish the claimant's eligibility.

For those whose claims have been rejected, they are encouraged to locate a good social security lawyer who can guide them through appeals and explain what needs to be done to attain their much-needed benefits.