There are some things to never buy at a garage sale.  Here is a list of some of the examples.



thrift storeCredit: Morgue File


Who wants to wear someone’s old underwear anyway?  I would be embarrassed to even set them out for sale at a rummage sale.  If you are the seller, you should seriously rethink selling them at your garage sale.  Save the humiliation and just throw them out.  If you are the buyer, it is just as embarrassing for you to buy the used underwear at a rummage sale.  Save up a few extra dollars and just buy new underwear.


Soft Furniture

I see so many people buying mattresses and couches at rummage sales.  This really isn’t a smart idea.  There are so many cases of bed bugs going around, it is hard to say if they have infested the piece of furniture yet.  They could be hiding in the soft cloth and you may not know until you use it and find yourself itching the next day.


iPad(128657)Appliances/Electronics Without Testing Them

If you have plugged in the appliance in and fully checked it out, you are probably okay.  However, if the person who has it for sale simply has the appliance sitting there and says it works but has no way to test it, you better not take that chance.  This goes for microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, etc.



Who would buy used makeup at a rummage sale?  You never know who last used the makeup and what kind of diseases they were carrying.  When buying makeup at a rummage sale it is best to not even chance it.


Car Seats

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t buy a car seat at a rummage sale.  The first reason is because they are only supposed to be in one car crash before they are considered unsafe.  You really do not know who last used the car seat and what kind of accidents they were in.  Even if it was a minor accident, it still may be a problem.  Another reason why you shouldn’t buy a car seat a rummage sale is because car seats expire.  Many parents do not know this.  At the bottom of the base of the car seat there will be an expiration date to determine if the car seat is sill good to use.


Bicycle Helmets

You may want to keep your little one safe by buying them a helmet that you find for cheap at a garage sale.  You might as well not even spend the few bucks to buy them a used helmet at all.  The reason for this is because bicycle helmets are only meant for one crash.  Even if the child threw the helmet down on the ground too hard, it could be destroyed.


These are just some examples of some things you won’t want to buy at a rummage sale.  It is up to you to determine if other items meet your expectations or not.  If you have to question it, it is probably best not to even buy it.