There are certain things that people often forget when they start the slow-carb diet and the principals in The Four Hour body, Here are the major ones.


You need to eat more because the healthy food isn't going to fill you up like bread and crap used to. You're also going to burn through it faster.

The thing most people forget about the slow-carb diet is that diet doesn't mean "eat less".

Diet is just "the sum of food consumed by an organism or group" [123]
You'll need to increase your intake because you'll be burning though it faster. I always recommend that people try increasing their Legume intake first. 

Eating the proper amount also helps you to not be hungry between meals. If you're hungry between meals, and you need a snack, you're not eating enough.  

Drink more water

Just because you're not drinking calories anymore by drinking fruit juice, soda, and sugar-laden drinks, doesn't mean that you can just replace it with water. You need to drink more. You need to keep your body hydrated. 

Make sure EVERY meal is a slow-carb meal, except for binge day

I started the slowcarb diet during a Christmas Vacation and ate home cooked meals almost every day. I immediately plateued when I returned to work. I thought I was eating healthy, but it wasn't. I ate a salad and chili. I replaced it with a bowl of steak, beans, veggies, and instantly got my weight loss back. 

If it's binge day, you HAVE to binge

On bing day: EAT EVERYTHING YOU NORMALLY CAN'T. And eat a lot of it. The goal is to reset your metabolism and stuff your face with the stuff you normally can't so you're not craving it through-out the week.

Don't weigh yourself until at least two days after binge day

I once gained 5 lbs on binge day and the next day I weighed 7 lbs less so I lost weight.
But I typically don't weigh myself until Tuesday (my binge day is Saturday). 

New slow-carbers tend to freak out after binge day. they get scared and and tend to not trust what it says in the book or even their own personal experience.
Trust that the slowcarb/bingeday system works. It has for thousands of people.

Waste will typically take a few days to leave your system, so wait a couple of days before weighing yourself.  

Weight isn't the only measurement you should be taking

If you're only tracking your weight, you could be missing out on valuable metrics that show that you're actually losing bodyfat. A great way to track all your stats is to sign up for a site like .You don't have to use bodyspace but just use something.

Track your waist measurements, Bodyfat , even muscle size. For Bodyfat, I use an Omron Bodyfat Monitor.

If you're not tracking anything besides weight, you might fool yourself into thinking that you haven't lost bodyfat.

PAGG - don't take the green tea at bed time despite what the book says. It's a misprint.

When I first started taking PAGG, I found a caffeine free green tea extract and was taking that with great success. I took it before bed time and had no ill side effects. But when I switched to a cheaper brand, I started waking up with headaches, I was grinding my teeth, and I was generally more grumpy. 

On Tim Ferriss's site, he acknowledges that this is a misprint and that you shouldn't be taking the green tea extract before bedtime. 

Prior to bed: PAG (omit the green tea extract)[98]

If you take green tea before bed, be aware that you'll probably grind your teeth. 

You HAVE to have a glass of ice water first thing in the morning

Creating new and healthy habits can be very difficult. It typically takes 2 weeks for a habit to stick and become a part of your daily routine, so It's best to focus on only a few things at a time. Drinking ice right after you wake up should be one of them.

When I started on the principals of The 4-Hour Body, I wasn't drinking ice water. Once I took the time to integrate it into my habits, I started to see increased weight loss. 

Drinking a glass of ice water is one of the easiest things to do and will greatly increase your chances of slimming down.


You HAVE to have at least 30g of protein within 30 min of waking up

I buy protein powder in a big bag, and keep it on hand in case I'm running late. But In my opinion the best breakfast is the "3-Minute Slow-Carb Breakfast". I follow this recipe pretty close,  although I cook my eggs in Pyrex bowls.

You should never go to work hungry, especially since when you're hungry your body goes into a conversation mode and tries to store fat in any way it can until it starts to eat away at the fat. This is why so many people actually gain weight by eating less.  

After sleeping for eight hours, your body is craving the nutrients to get you going in the morning. This is exactly why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

GET a 50lb kettlebell.

It might seem expensive at first and you might think you need something less but you'll grow into it. When i started I couldn't do more than 40 swings with a 20lb kettlebell but I now wish I had a 50 pound Kettlebell

You can quickly grow out of a kettlebell that doesn't weight much so It helps to work into it. I recommend doing 1 set of 25 swings and eventually moving into 50, and then 75. Take your time. It's not a race. 

Don't over-workout.

The tendency of most people is too think that they need to workout more, but you need to follow what the book says and do a 5 min workout only twice a week and try that out. If you're going to workout more than you HAVE to measure your bodyfat and EAT MORE. Your body needs fuel, to even burn through fat, and I've seen a lot of people have weighed more because of working out, and what's going on is that they're actually building muscle. They THINK that they've gained fat but it's because they're not taking bodyfat measurements. 

Sometimes people work -out and then they don't provide their body with enough fuel to lose fat. Their body actually goes into a caveman/cavewoman "survival mode" and starts to store fat as a way to store energy for the next time you need to "run away from a Wooly Mammoth".

Don't take ice baths / ice showers.

For losing weight, the book tells you to NOT do this, yet so many people seem to think it does.

You only need ice showers if you're trying to increase your testosterone. There are some great benefits to ice baths, especially for athletes. If you're just trying to lose weight, stick with the ice pack.

Get more sleep

In an interview with Tim Ferriss, he says that: "Sleep is the force multiplier[136] ". We often overlook the benefits of sleep. But top athletes don't.

A recent info-graphic shows us just how much the top athletes sleep. Why? Why do athletes need so much sleep? Their bodies need the time to repair and even if you're not running a 400 meter dash, you still need to give your body, and your mind, some time to repair itself. 

These tips and recommendations should help to keep you from plateauing and making mistakes.
Keep in mind that it's never too late to put yourself back on track. 

Hope these help and here's to a happy weight loss!