City of New York bustles with a host of things to do and places to see, not to mention a multitude of personalities and ethnicities. Whether you are visiting for few weeks or you have a few days to trek around the city you should carefully plan your visit to this wonderful city, so here are some tips and advice on what to see.

No matter where you go in the City of New York, you are within a short drive or walking distance from global landmarks, as there are so many of them. The Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Tower as well as Ground Zero are just a handful of the attractions that will be competing for your attention in case you visit New York City. Let us see some of the things that you should not fail to see while on tour to this beautiful city.

Things to Do and See While In New York

The following are a few of the many must see things while on a tour to New York City, which will definitely make your stay in this place a memorable one.

*Historical Monuments

While in the city, you will have a chance to see many historical monuments. Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty normally are some of must see historical monuments while in this city, but after the 9/11 the policy on visiting this amazing monument has changes so it may happen that Ellis Island is closed to visitors when you arrive. Ellis Island was a route that was used by the immigrants coming to America in the period between 1892 to 1905.

Tours to the Statue of Liberty will allow you to easily learn the construction as well as the history of this beautiful statue, they are usually tour bouts going every hour.

The Empire State Building also is as another well known national historic landmark, you must visit and experience while in the city.This building, that rises high a quarter of a mile into air, has got 86th floors and an observery with an amazing view of the New York City.


There are many museums that you will see if you take the "Museum Tour" of New York. Among the one of the worlds most famous museums is the Metropolitan Art Museum. Basically, this museum provides one of the best fine art collections in the world.

Construction where there once stood the popular World Trade Center is underway. The site, now referred as Ground Zero will later be known as 9/11 memorial. Currently, there's a fenced walkway in that place that normally allows visitors to easily view the area.

*Times Square

Times Square is another attractive place you should not miss to visit while touring New York. This place is normally ideal for nightlife year round. It is also considered by people as the pulse of the city.

*The Central Park

The 800 acre park is an excellent spot that you can take a bicycle ride or a stroll while you are in New York. This is among the most famous parks in the world and it usually offers various activities for people of all ages. Also you can see much of the places that your favorite movies have been filmed, as this park has seen so much movies being filmed in it.