Searching for childcare for your family is something that every family goes through at some point. Finding quality care is something that every parent wants for their child. Hiring a new babysitter for the family is often something that brings a lot of stress with it as parents want to make sure they are hiring someone who is responsible and qualified to take care of their kids. There are a few things you can do as a parent that will help ease the stress that is associated with hiring a new babysitter.


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Hold Multiple Interviews

Many parents stress about finding a quality candidate, so once you have found candidates for your babysitting job (through ads, referrals, etc), it is important that you hold a couple of different interviews with them. The first interview is one that can be done simply over the phone. This interview will allow you to ask some basic question. You can ask them very simple questions that don’t require in depth answers. This interview simply allows you to gain some insight into the candidate and will let you know if they are someone you would further consider for the job. If you like the individual then invite them to your home for a personal interview. The in-person interview will allow you to get to meet with a nanny candidate and learn more about them. This is the time to ask them questions about how they would handle specific situations such as temper tantrums. Ask about his or her previous experiences with childcare. This is the time to ask questions that require more in-depth answers. It is important that you also allow them to ask questions to you during this time.

Introduce To Your Kids 

A great thing to do if you really like the candidate is let them be introduced to your children. This can be done at the same time as your second interview.  This will give the babysitter and your children a chance to interact and will allow you to watch this interaction. This interaction can give you good signs and hints as to whether or not the babysitter will be a good fit for your family. A get to know you session will ease your parenting worries but will also give your children a chance to meet the babysitter beforehand so that they are comfortable being left with them in the future. Children are great judges of character so don’t overlook their opinions.

Babysitters need to have experience with children.


Background Checks

Once you have found a babysitter whom you like it is important that you do a little bit more research. Take time to check their references and perform a background check. These steps will help ease your mind when it comes to leaving your kids in the new sitter’s hands. Make sure you call all the references a babysitter gives you. Make sure ask the references thorough questions relating to their past experience. Also be sure that you get a background check performed as this will allow you access to their criminal records and other pertinent information.  This is a step that many parents skip, but it is one that you should definitely perform. After all your kids are your most precious good, why wouldn’t you want to do these things to ensure their safety?

Acclimating the New Babysitter

Once you have found a babysitter who passes the interviews and background research you should do some training with them so they can become acclimated with your home and your family. It is important that you show them around the house so that they can familiarize themselves with where everything is located. Make sure you post a list of emergency numbers by the phone just in case something was to happen in your absence. This list of numbers should include your doctor, poison control, you cell phone numbers, number of where you will be, and an emergency contact. Make sure that this list contains all these numbers plus has your address listed on it so if the babysitter needs to contact 911 or any of these numbers that they can supply your address to them if needed. This is the time you should also address and medical/allergy needs the kids may have. It is important that the new babysitter is familiar with any illnesses or restrictions that a child may have.


Hiring a new babysitter is something that is very stressful for parents but if you follow the few simple ideas and tasks laid out in this article it can be a lot less stressful.