Studies have shown that the trend of buying clothing online is rising. It doesn't require finding a parking place, waiting in line, Dealing with fitting rooms or other customers, and the stock is usually much better. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, it can be. You just have to make sure you take some precautions and do a little bit of research before you start buying things online. Just remember, the easiest way to shop online is to go to the website of a store you frequently shop at brick and mortar. Stores that have a location make it much easier for people to find them to complain, so they generally make a point of keeping everything as legit as possible. Plus, if you've shopped from the same complany, you already know if their sizes tend to run small, or that the clothes are good quality.

The first, and most important thing you need to do, before even looking at the clothes a website has, is check out the website. Go to Google and type in "(name of website) scam", "don't shop at (name of website)", and "problems with (name of website)" If any of these searches turns up with a lot of pages using that exact phrase, chances are it's not a good website, and you shouldn't give them your credit card info. If you've done this and not turned up anything bad, the next step is to try the Better Business Bureau website. Simply go on, and search the website you want to buy from, then see what the grade is. For example, looking up amazon ( shows you that the BBB gives it an A+ rating, and you probably don't need to worry about shopping from them. Whereas this Men's Wearhouse ( has a BBB rating of F, so you would probably want to avoid doing business with them.

The next thing to do once you have determined that the website you are looking at is valid, is to find out their return policy. Unless the clothes are from a specific brand that you've purchased (or at least tried on) recently, you really have no way of knowing how they size things, or if what you're buying will fit. Ideally, you're looking for a 100% guarantee, and an easy return policy, but it's up to you to decide what is acceptable. If you want some idea as to the sizing or how good they are about returns, another internet search can give you some answers.

If everything is good so far, the next thing to be concerned about is the quality of the clothing- again, a quick internet search can give you some idea. As with everything else you've searched online, don't believe something just because one person said it- take everything you read with a grain of salt. But if you see pages and pages of people- different people- saying the same thing, there's probably some truth in it.

The last thing to worry about is shipping costs. Pay attention to the total amount you are paying- some companies will try to slip the shipping and handling amounts in so that you don't realize how much you're paying. Always triple check the total you'll be paying before giving any credit card information- it's a lot harder to fix once the charges have already been made.

If you follow all of this advice, you should be able to easily and confidently shop on the internet. Some of it may seem overdone, but spending a little extra time is worth the money you save by not falling for scams.