It is true that while choosing a design for the letterbox the first thing we think about is that it should remain safe from the thief and a vandal as it is going to store our important mails. But that doesn't mean that you can't be creative and unique in choosing a design for your mailbox. Having a funny and funky kind of mailbox will not only give your house a unique look, but it can surely create an impression of you on the visitor of your house. There are several kind of designs that you can choose from, but some of them are suggested below which can really spice-up the entrance of your house.

Some Ideas for Funny and Funky Letterboxes

1. Animal Design
You can make a letterbox which has the shape of an animal. You can choose any animal and it would look funny like cow, donkey, goat etc. The basic design is not at all difficult to understand the four legs of the animal will be used to provide support for the mailbox and the mid part of the animal body will be used as the place to store the mails. There is a whole body on which you can write any funny message that you would like the passer-by to see.

2. Vehicle Design
If you are someone who loves vehicles then it would be a good idea for you. But when choosing the right vehicle, there are not many choices but a motorbike or a small replica of a car. But choosing motorbike is better as it can be easily made on two fake or damaged tyres, which will provide support and rest of the body of mailbox will be made of painted junk metal. The oil tank portion of the motorbike can be used as a place to store letters.

3. Human Design
This design can also be interesting and it looks as if a human is standing. Instead of the face of a human you can use a normal letterbox, where your incoming letters will be stored. The two legs of the human will be used to give support to the whole mailbox structure. Done in right way it can really create a nice look. You can also have variations in this design, by keeping a normal face in mailbox and using the chest portion as place to put and store mails.

4. Design it on a Tree
Yes! If you love nature it will truly thrill you. You can design an artificial tree and make the trunk of the tree a place to store mails. You can put the mails inside from one side of the trunk and collect them from the other side.

5. Locomotive Engine
You can design a letterbox on the locomotive engine. In this design the chimney of the engine can be used as place from which someone can put the mails inside and the body can be used to store the letters.

There are much more designs which can be used to make funny and funky letterboxes for your home. All you need to do is apply some of your creativity, the ideas given above can also be creatively changed into making many designs.

Donkey mailbox
Donkey mailbox