The first step to making money online by writing is to know that you can and do like to write. If you have a hard time putting together a sentence, then this is probably not a good option. There are many other things you can do instead, which is another topic all together.

First of all you want to write a few articles on a topic that you know. This can be anything – parenting, something you went to school for, something you are self taught. You need a few articles in your portfolio before you can start applying places. You want to make these articles at least 400 words, which you can easily check in your spellchecking program.

Then, decide how you want to make money. There are several ways.

Upfront payments – These are payments you get for writing the articles. Sometimes this is the only payment you will receive for the article in its lifetime.

Residuals – These are payments you get on sites where you get to keep ownership of the article and you get payment when people access it. The amount you get per article may not be much, but once you have several hundred articles out there, it can be quite substantial.

When you are starting out, you likely will want to do a variety of methods to maximize your income.

Now, where to find work? Depending on what you want to do will determine where you go looking. You can find private clients and you can find content sites that will pay upfront. Typically with a private client once the article is done, you are done with the article as well. The rights to that article transfer to them and you do not get to use it again, even for a sample to show your writing. There are some content sites that work like these, as the content is not for them, but private clients that you do not know about. Make sure you check to see who has the rights to the articles once they have been submitted, this can be very important.

There are content sites out there that will only provide payment upfront as well, and there are others that do both. If they do both, the upfront may be lower due to the amount you can make in residuals.

When you are working on sites that provide residuals, you want to find out how much a view will make you. Different sites will pay out different rates and you may find later on that you find a site that pays higher or has some other benefit. You may not be able to remove your content from the other sites though.

Once you start writing for pay, you may find it addicting. It is a good habit to write at least one article a day. Eventually you may want to move up to two articles a day.