When I graduated college at the tender age of 21 I, like so many other graduates, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Finding a job and living in the same country that i had been living in for the last 18 years was not appealing, so I decided to delay the onset of reality for a little longer and moved back to Israel - where I was born. This idea was appealing in that my best friend a well as several other people that I knew were there, it was familiar enough not to be scary but not too familiar and therefore still new and exciting. I ended up being there for a total of 6 months. While I was there on a program to learn Hebrew I met a boy, fell in love, moved to South America, got married, got older and now have a job and bills and responsibility.

 While I love my husband dearly, a part of me wishes that I had met him a few years later. Being part of a couple means that things aren’t just about you anymore - there is always another person who you have to take into account when making decisions.

 Here is the list of things that i wish that I had done before settling down and becoming a grown up:

 1. Taught English in South Korea

2. Worked on a ship for 6 months

3. Moved to London and worked there for a year and travelled around Europe

4. Been a summer camp counselor in North America and than done a road trip afterwards

5. Gone to South America and volunteered for a few months.

 As you can see all these options involve travelling which is a huge passion of mine. All these options are a fantastic, inexpensive way to immerse yourself in another culture while having the time of your life. I truly believe that travelling before you are 30 is the best thing to do. I'm not saying that travelling AFTER you are 30 is not fun, it’s just different. Chances are at that point you are attached, you have a good job, you have responsibilities and obligations and it’s just not as easy to get away. Added to that you get tired more easily, night clubs just aren’t as much fun anymore and you need your own room with a private bathroom because sharing with strangers by this point has started grossing you out. 

 I would highly recommend to anyone the positive experience of moving to a new country. I am not saying that its easy, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Getting out of your comfort zone is terrifying and wondrous! Go out there and explore the world!