From someone who has gobs of experience moving from apartment to apartment, here's a list of things to do for people who are planning to move into their new apartment.

Change of address - One of the first things that one should do is to change your old address to the new address.

1. Go to the nearest post office or go online to USPS and change your old address to the new forwarding address. Some Post Offices may charge for this (usually no more than a dollar) but it is always worth it.

2. Notify your employer so that the important correspondence like pay stubs, W-2 are sent to you promptly.

3. Call your credit card companies and notify them about the change. Some of the companies may have web forms that can be filled in to notify them of the change (this would save time on the phone)

4. Call your checking/savings bank to notify the change.

5. Call your health insurance companies to inform the change.

6. Call your auto insurance companies to change your old address to the new address and check to see if your premium has changed. Many insurance companies increase or decrease the premium depending on the city you reside.

Service restoration -

1. Cable and Internet service - Can't imagine a day without these. Call up the cable company servicing that area and ask if there's any promotion for a new subscriber. The sooner you call, the sooner will be the apointment for installing the service.

2. Utilities - Call up utilities like electricity, gas etc and request for the new service.

Referral fees -

1. Many rental apartments run referral programs. Ask your apartment office if there's one and if you were referred by your friend then he/she would get the referral fee. You could avail the same when you refer someone.

2. If you rented the place by looking it up on websites like, then you could be eligible for $100 after verifying your lease.

Parking sticker -

Many apartments have designated parking lots and provide parking stickers to their residents. See if your apartment has one, if so stick it on your car's window (from inside).

Moving - 

1. If you don't have a bunch of friends who you can buy Pizza and Beer for and help you move, you could consider professional moving services. Search a site like to read about real people's experiences with movers. Some services may also have references on the Better Business Bureau website.

2. Other avenues to search for people are and the website where people can be hired for 5$.

3. It might also be worthwhile to post for help on one's nearest community college or apartment complex bulletin board asking for hired help.

(Please be careful before hiring people on sites. It is always safe to ask for references)

4. To minimize the expense of moving, it might also be worth considering clubbing one's move with someone else who is moving too (the cost of a U-Haul could possibly be split as well as helping each other move). 

5. Rather than buy cardboard boxes for the move, if there is a Technology company nearby (and in most places there are lots of these!), it might be worth taking a trip there to see if there cardboard boxes they discard (most companies have coffee, paper cups, creamers, office items etc delivered in boxes that are discarded). These can be safely re-used most of the time.

6. To minimize the time to setup in the new apartment, it is usually a good idea to mark boxes with names of the rooms (eg: Kitchen_01, Kitchen_02, Living_01, Dining_01, Dining_02, MasterBed_01, MasterBed_02 etc). This helps one setup the things in the new place as soon as possible.

7. It is also a good idea to pack a few essential clothes and personal items in a separate box that rides with you and can be used to immediately set one up for work the next day (rather than digging through the various boxes and getting out the things to get ready for work)

Insect baits -

Eventhough you're moving into a clean apartment, it never hurts to place insect baits like cockroach, ants etc. Just ensure to keep it away from kids reach.

Familiarizing with the new environment -

1. It also helps to go to a site like, type in one's new zip code and get a list of restaurant near the new place.

2. Another thing worth doing is going to Google maps and plotting various pathways to one's work just so you are familiar with multiple ways to get to work.