There are so many things to do in Blackpool for kids, you could almost write a book on the subject. In this article we'll take a look at a few options to make a Blackpool day out great.

The promenade - the number one option for free days out in Lancashire

Blackpool promenade has been getting a major makeover during the last few years. Fortunately this is due to open in time for the summer holidays in 2011. Amongst many new features will be the 'headlands' where free shows and dance competitions will be held. The biggest headland will be opposite the famous Blackpool Tower, making it a great location for everything in central Blackpool.

The Golden Mile - making the great 'Blackpool day out'

As well as the new promenade, Blackpool is still keeping to its traditions with attracting over 14 million people a year to the seafront and great beaches. Well worth a visit is the sand dunes which is easily accessible by taking either a bus or the fantastic Blackpool Trams down to the end of the line at Squires Gate. This is a very popular area for the locals and has several cafe's in the area to make it a great family day out playing on the beach or in the dunes.
Along the length of the Golden Mile are three great Piers to explore. Each of these have their own characters but perhaps the most popular is Central Pier where not only do they have the amusement arcades, but also a few fair rides in the centre of the pier. The North Pier is the least developed out of them all, but has a theatre at the end providing night time entertainment to families during the summer.

Stanley Park  (38463)

Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo

Stanley Park is one of Blackpool's hidden jewels and is within walking distance but probably better to take the bus from the centre of town. Stanley Park is massive and has many thousands playing in the park on a summer Sunday. In the centre of the well looked after park is a large lake, some of which has boats for hire quite cheaply. There is also a visitor centre and excellent cafe, with outdoor seating during warmer days.

Next to the park is Blackpool Zoo which is a day out in its own right. The Zoo has had a lot of new improvements over recent years giving it increasing visitor numbers. Visiting the zoo is not a cheap experience, but well worth it if you are spending a day there.

There are so many things to do in Blackpool for kids, but whatever you choose have a great and memorable time.

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