Boracay is a well known island in the Philippines due to its famous white sand beach. Both local and foreign tourists flock the island to battle the heat of the summer. But did you know that the place is still packed with visitors even during off peak season? So if you’re only after relaxing and enjoying the vacation and not really for the sights available during summer (men and women included), then you can always book a flight and accommodation for Boracay anytime of the year.

In fact, visiting the island before or after summer will save you money. Most adventure activities, specialty shops, restaurants, and hotels or inns offer discounted rates outside busy months and when booked ahead of time. The same applies for airfare and its promo rates.

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As to the duration of your stay, it is of course dependent on your own schedule. But to enjoy what the best of the island can offer, you should stay for at least three days and two nights, two days and three nights, or even longer.



Should you follow any of the recommended number of days to stay, you can spend the first day frolicking in the water, sunbathing, and enjoying Paraw sailboat sailing or cruising during sunset. From the airport towards the isle, you will already enjoy a boat ride from mini-ferries fetching tourists to and from the island. At night, you can party with booze and fire dancing along the shore and through several bars spread throughout the beach front. You might even catch a glimpse of sexy diva turned fire dancer Rachel Lobangco there. Lastly, don’t forget sumptuous seafood meals as well as other cuisines from various restaurants found all over Boracay including what D’ Talipapa serves. It’s an area famous for seafood dining. If you have the knack and time to cook, you can even buy live seafood at D’ Talipapa as well and feast on your own personally prepared meals since most accommodating residences provide kitchen areas.

The next day can be spent on various water adventures available on the island. If you have employed a professional tour company, it will be convenient. But if you are on your own or with the company of a few people, you can rely upon the aide of hospitable and friendly native residents and small scale business folks on the island. You’d find most of them offering their products and services by the sea shore. If you will oblige, you’d soon be wandering the island in braided hairs or henna tattooed body parts with a boat man paddling for you on a sunset boating trip.

Aside from these, you should also try reef walking or helmet diving; water sports including jet skis, banana boat, and flying fish rides; cliff diving; and ATV (all terrain vehicle) riding around the island, just to name a few must try adventures.

And before your flight home, don’t forget to bring home souvenirs including t-shirts, caps, handmade jewelries, and local delicacies. There are several souvenir shops offering various items at D’ Mall (not to be mistaken with D’ Talipapa). It is located at Station 2 of the island which you can easily reach walking or through a tri-bike service.