On the previous post, we have introduced Boracay in an overview including everything you can actually do while spending time in the island. In this post, we will specifically help you experience adventures which Boracay have to offer.

Let’s begin with the location. The island has three stations; 1, 2, 3. Station 2 is ideally situated right in the middle where most amenities, services, shops, restaurants, and adventure guides can be found. It’s even close to the main unofficial entrance and exit of the island. Also, it’s the perfect spot to start a tour as you can easily walk towards opposite stations. So if you can pick an inn or hotel nearby, it’s to your advantage.


Adventures to try

Walking just a few blocks from where you may find accommodation, you can commence your Boracay adventure by having your hair braided and prominent parts of your body henna tattooed. Afterwards, you can start arranging deals with tour and adventure providers within the vicinity. Paraw sailboat sailing or cruising boat men for one are normally on standby along the beach front offering their services to every passerby. You can reserve a few seats or an entire boat before sunset by paying for a down payment of some sort. The Boracay sunset view is to die for. If you love Manila Bay Sunset, then you’d definitely love sailing or cruising on Paraw sail boats at sunset in this island too.

Aside from boat men, diving experts are also readily available on the island. You’d find them at diving organizations with offices along the beach front. You need the supervision of a skilled or trained diver before you actually dive on your own. Safety protocols will be discussed as well as proper gear and equipment which you will be required to wear. When ready, you can enjoy the thrill of helmet diving or reef walking. Thanks to underwater photography, you can even upload photos of your adventure as a souvenir for social network sites.

Other water sports you should try while in Boracay include jet skis, banana boats, and fly fish. You can even try cliff diving. These are availed of at a farther end of the island though and where waters are a significantly deeper so in case you’d try these, make sure to be accompanied by someone who knows how to swim in case you don’t. Be on the lookout too for national coast guard volunteers who are on call 24/7 to rescue thrill seekers in case there’s a need to do so. Emergency rescue officers are also present all over the beach.

But don’t limit your adventures through the island and its waters alone. All terrain vehicles or ATVs are also available to rent. Who says these are only for rough plains? You can drive them throughout the island too, where there is land of course.

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The best adventures are simple pleasures though. Enjoying, relaxing, and having a vacation with loved ones is the best gift Boracay can offer. You can walk around, explore all starts and stops, dine, drink, shop, and simply enjoy each other’s company.