Tale of Two Worlds

Calgary is a great place to visit if you're into winter sports or you just have a desire to vacate to a large metropolitan area outside the States. It's the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada , so there are plenty of things to do if vacationing. This city is unique in that you can knock two birds with one stone. If you're into big cities, then you'd feel right at home with all the districts, restaurants, parks and museums available. If you're more into winter activities, just visit the various resorts they have nearby and improve your skills skiing on the slopes. They also offer helicopter tours for those who want to see the vast landscape surrounding the city. So if you're considering heading over to Calgary and just want to know what the city has to offer, here are a few popular things you can do.

The Stampede

If you happen to travel to Calgary, Alberta in July, you're sure to see "The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth" with the annual Calgary Stampede. Parades, shows, concerts, and rodeos all bring excitement and a little bit of down-on-the-range fun for all to see. Everyone dresses up in their best western outfits and competitors come from all over the continent to compete at the rodeo. It kicks off with a parade and the rodeo, being the largest in the world, offers prizes reaching upward to a million dollars. And over at Rangeland Derby, you can find people watching the chuckwagon races. Never heard of it? It's similar to the chariot race scene in the movie Ben-Hur, but instead of gladiators and roman soldiers, everyone is dressed in their best western outfit. There are also many agricultural exhibitions during the Calgary Stampede with livestock auctions, education opportunities and other events.


Do you enjoy a good mystery? Like a little bit of suspense in your theater? Well then the Vertigo theater at Calgary Tower is the place to be. They specialize in mystery shows and also provide shows for young kids with their Y Stage Series. They've been doing this for 30 years and have consistently brought a sense of mystery to the city ever since. It has two theaters - the Playhouse and the Studio - in which live shows are performed to crowds on the edge of their seats. A more popular and diverse theater is the Epcore center for the performing arts. They feature concerts, dance performances, experimental theater and art exhibits for those willing to stretch their cultural arms. They also have educational opportunities for those wanting to express themselves creatively. Whether you're a kid or an adult trying to learn a new skill, they offer instruction on various creative disciplines. Calgary has more theaters to further expand your cultural experience. The Loose Moose theater features comedy improv acts and children's shows, and the Stage West Dinner Theater satisfy those who enjoy fine food with their entertainment.


There are plenty of great places to shop in Calgary like the Chinook Center with its over 200 stores. And the Crossroads Flea Market for people who don't mind shopping outside. This is where you'll find fresh produce, antique shops and the international food fair taking place. And after you're done shopping you might want to get a bite to eat from the various restaurants in the city. Using an entertainment book for Calgary will ensure you're getting the best out of your vacation without spending too much.

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Outside The City

Calgary is a hotbed of activity and events for tourists looking to travel up north. But there are lodges and resorts outside the city limits for people wanting to experience the natural attractions nearby. If you enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities, the Fernie Resort with its nine on-hill restaurants and 29 feet of fresh powder that falls each year, will allow you to get your money's worth of outdoor adventure. And the Delta lodge at Kananaski offers spas, restaurants and tons of other activities like horseback riding, white water rafting and skiing. As always, when visiting an area for the first time, it's always a good idea to bring an extra travel guide to help you get around a little better. So when planning a trip, consider Calgary as a possible destination, especially if you've never been before.

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